Saturday, 2 May 2009


Big day: Along the old railway line to Aboyne (now called the Deeside Way) after a bloody lovely brekky at the Loch Kinord Hotel. I should mention that I was not alone last night ~ I had unexpected company in the form of Rolf from Holland and Colin & Shirley from (mainly) Ingerland

The grub was gorgeous; the company capacious. We went to bed totally happy and knackered.

Today was okay; the forecast was a lot worse than the actual weather and Colin soon caught me up on the way to Feughside (be very careful how you pronounce that!)

A bit like "Police Squad," our boss was already there; Mr Grumpy all pitched up at the campsite so we strolled down to the pub mid afternoon and have been here ever since. It's a great spot and we have been watching the storm clouds dragging themselves across the hills to the south of us all afternoon. Terrible!

Marie D arrived all patched up after being knocked about near Lochnagar but she is made of the right stuff and with a bit of dental help will be fine for her daughter's wedding in a few week's time.
This really is a great spot (have I said that already?) and strangely it's not the sort of place you would pick out from a map to go and see.

Having a great time, Phil, ~ wish you were here!


  1. Good style, old man. What happened to day 11? Ah, now I see, you two day eights. Too much imbibing?

  2. Not long to go then. I expect you are aiming for the Thursday night do? I hope the weather gets better for you on the coast. I am of to bonny Scotland Saturday to the Cairngorms. Should be nice and peaceful as the Challenge will be over.

  3. It's true Robin; there has been the occasional drinkie or three, but all in the honest endeavour of your roving correspondent.

    Tell it like it is and let the nay - sayers be damned to hellish sobriety.

    I did lose count of the days but the flavour of the event is more important to retell than the detail.

    Think of this blog as an impressionist representation. If you want truth and reality, then there are other far more worthy scribes to follow!

    Martin; my man! The Cairngorms await your footfall with trepidation and baited breath. Big shame you can't be with us now, but next year will be a stormer.

  4. Alan you surely must be pulling our legs, The Speyside Way finishes at Spey Bay near Buckie I feel pretty sure you were in Deeside when you made this blog. It's probably due to that filthy whisky you drink instead of the lovely stuff produced in Speyside.

  5. Derek:

    Have just edited the post - of course you are correct! All these Scottish rivers - Dave, Dee, Dozy Mick & Titch - they all get rather confusing to us softy southerners!


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