Saturday, 2 May 2009


It rained quite a bit yesterday evening, which was a shame as it would have been good to enjoy the others' company but as it was we we all busying ourselves in our tents (3 Aktos, 1 Stephensons and 1 Saunders / home-made)

It was tricky getting out of the tent at about 5 in the morning as the zips were completely frozen solid with ice. Similarly the tents were smothered in the stuff and Mr Grumpy's had a sheet of it in the dip in his ridge. Within half an hour of setting off I was in shirtsleeves in the hot sun. 

The stalkers path heading east to the south of the Orrin Reservoir is a little beauty and I almost cantered along in the sunshine. The terrain is all wild knobbly stuff a bit like the Balmacaan, but with fewer lochans. (Phil can explain that to you all)

Then it was 5 miles of water board access tracks accompanying a big concrete pipe (with a few plastic sections for the pipe-lovers out there ~ does Waggy still read this blog?) 

I bumped into Laura, from Craithie, again who was on her Foul Weather Route and so half a day or so behind. She was quite rightly undaunted and was already planning her way around it.

Then a bit of a cross-country bog hop, picking up a naked rambler to walk with in the direction of Beauly. I left him as we neared civilisation so he could don some shorts and modesty.

Currently I am holed up in a nice little hotel , bathed, washing done, and about to nip down to the bar for a G&T and dinner. Phil ~ you would like this place; it has hot water that works and a shaver light that lights up when you pull the chord. 

I like Scotland when it works!

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