Saturday, 2 May 2009


Reading today's route sheet does summarise what it should have been like, and adding in our vetter's comments (could be rough and boggy) perhaps adds a little flavour to the day. 

But nothing prepares you for the heart-achingly beautiful views you experience ~ I was going to write 'see' there, but experience is so much more appropriate. 

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Today I walked with Nick Roggen from Belgium in the morning as we climbed out of the forest (a minor route change so we didn't have to ford the Meig) and over a perfect little stalkers path, in a really good condition, over to Luipmaldrig. The views back from the bealach I have already described and when I get back home I shall add photographs to the blog.
Luipmaldrig Bridge (& Rolf)
Rolf on Bridge @ Luipmaldrig (Cick picture to enlarge)

At Luipmaldrig we bumped into Laura, Bob & Ethel (with their son) sitting against the wall having lunch in the warm sunshine ~ such a welcome change from yesterday's weather.

Looking East,  to the South of Orrin Reservoir
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At this point, Nick & I collected Rolf from Holland, and this happy little international band set off to cross the rickety long suspension bridge slung over the Orrin. Then it was off up into the hills south of the Orrin to work our way eastwards. Yes, the ground was rough and it was occasionally very boggy but it was magnificent free walking with killer views back west and wonderful wild terrain all about us. We didn't see another footprint until we made our campsite at the bottom of the Allt na Criche, after first passing through a fabulous steep sided rocky gorge chock full of waterfalls, white foam dazzling in the sunshine, and glistening black rocks and the occasional sturdy little birch tree; it's leaves shining in the sun against the black rocks.

At this point we bumped into Pete Goddard again and Rolf & I decided that the surroundings were so gorgeous that we would stop here for the night even though it was only 4:30. 

Later we were joined by John & Alan to be treated with a share in a can of Tennants. Ooh ~ it were reert lovely!


  1. Excellent posts, Al. Almost felt like being there. Sounds as though the walk is living up to its promise.

    Miss W says enjoy your night of luxury and a fine dinner.

  2. Really enjoying following your route, you're only an hour along the road from me! Weather's looking much better at the moment too. Hope it all keeps going so well.


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