Saturday, 2 May 2009


That's it then; another Chally finished. I'm in the Park Hotel Bar, it's gone midnight and I am all okay. 

Waggy is playing his harmonica against the noise of the piped music. The dinner is done. The toasts have all been toasted. Friends have re-met after perhaps a few years of missing each other, but it's like they have been apart for only a few days. 

Conversations flow freely and the shoulders are loose; relaxed.

I arrived this morning at Dunnotter Castle and made my lonely little way down to Castle Bay, to paddle in the North Sea and take the obligatory photo of my boots in the sea. The weather was perfect; warm sunshine and fluffy little clouds. I was earlier than planned, but at this exact moment, Phil rang ~ he knew I would be there ~ top bloke!

I strolled along the cliff path heading for the fleshpots of Stonehaven, when coming in the opposite direction was a shambling silhouette of the best dressed Challenger; Humphrey. He wears silk vests and cashmere sweaters. We sat on the cliff path together and finished off the last of the Lagavulin ~ all quite perfect.
We were then joined by Peter & Ursula ~ a good day for Peter as he had just completed his tenth crossing.

Then a sprightly bus journey via all sorts of good looking finishing points for the next few years... Aagh! I was already mentally planning next year's walk! 

Back to the present and it's now 3:30am and we have put to bed the last of the unconscious!

A great walk, with good company and a great family party to finish with. Many thanks to Uncle Roger and his magnificent team.


  1. Well done. Really enjoyed following your exploits. Cheers!

  2. Well done (again). Have enjoyed reading your postings when the opportunity arises. I'm typing this in Peebles library on a layover day. On to the lovely sounding Cauldstane Slap for a wildcamp tomorrow night.

  3. Well done, Alan. And Uncle Phil gave you a great route to follow. Hopefully he'll be hale and hearty for next years.

  4. Super job big brother...Followed your blogg and thought a lot about you..

    Well done Leeds is getting grubbier by the minute and waiting for you.

    Give me a call.


  5. The journeys end. Till next year. Now Alan you must start training walks ASAP. Out on the hills with pubs mixed in. Keep the momentum up. Have a good time and say hi to anyone I know.

  6. Well done Alan, we've enjoyed catching up with this today (the sun is shining outside, but legs remain a bit heavy!).
    We're impressed by the way you could respond to comments - our set up doesn't seem to allow that - we made a few but they got lost in the ether.
    Anyway, we hope you got home safely and look forward to bumping into you soon.
    Martin and Sue

  7. Alan, congrats on completing the mystery Challenge that Phil came up with. I think this is the future of the Challenge.

    It was great seeing you in Ballater, and also at Montrose.

  8. Thank you everyone - and a special thank-you to Geoff (Litehiker) who is reading this while he is on his LEJOG!

    You are all amazingly loyal!


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