Saturday, 2 May 2009


The weather wasn't great for quite a bit of the Challenge this year, but I have managed to cobble together some pictures to make a slide show over on my Picassa web Album.

You can find the slide show by clicking HERE

You can alter the times taken to view each picture or run through them manually if you so desire. If the moment takes you you can download the full strength version as well. (Some of the file sizes are rather large so you might only want to do this if you have a broadband connection) 

Any way, I enjoyed taking the pictures and they take me back there instantly!


  1. Fantastic photos! Well, except for the one where I look like a vampire... *g* Really, though: they took me straight back there. I so hope we all get on again next year.

  2. Um... this machine seems to have eaten my comment, so apologs if two appear... I said:

    Fantastic photos: all except the one where I look like a vampire :) Really: they took me straight back there so directly that it's difficult to take in that I'm actually here at home :( I so hope we all get on again next year.

  3. Brilliant slide show. I know some of those place well and you've captured the essence of the Highlands (in all it's weather glory) very well.

  4. Wonderful photos Al! Richard

  5. Hi PW - you are very kind, you are very kind!

    Swanscot - Nice to meet you - I have just been bouncing over to your very impressive blog. Erlcome to my little half-world!

    Rich - mate! The Drippy Hat Game was well in evidence this year, but my score was dreadfully low as the fierce winds virtually obliterated accuracy!
    The best I could manage was TWO! (That, for the uninitiated here, is one drop from the brim of your cap hitting your left boot-toe followed by the next drip from the brim of your cap hitting your right boot-toe. When you miss, you start from scratch...)

    Mark - I didn't take a little tripod with me this year so there are no phots of the scribe. you can see him, slightly worse for wear over on Andy Howell's blog at the moment;

  6. Almost like being there (apart from being wet, cold, tired & emotional). Great shots, Al, especially of some spectacularly boggy looking bogs.

  7. Yes great bogs and I especially like 60/60 Humphrey avec Lagavulin this man is the only person I've ever met who knows the little village in County Wicklow where my wife's family comes from. And why wouldn't he?

  8. Fine collection of pics Alan - I now have Clava Cairns in my head for a future TGOC route though suspect 2010's route will be in the nappy changing room, not Scotland!

  9. Thanks Alan. Some seriously desolate scenery. Is Mr Grumpy wearing lycra perchance? Is he explaining the advantages of lycra over merino to Nick? I love his retro tent. I had a Saunders Backpacker S once.

  10. A great story in pictures as usual Alan.
    I'm partial to a shot of Lagavulin but definitely not on a walk, it would do for me.
    Are those your plates of meat in the boots in the Castle Bay picture?. They look like big heavy buggers to me!.

  11. Hello everyone again!

    I am really not good at getting back to comments - and it they give me so much encouragement to continue blogging - I am not worthy!

    Phil: The Bogs are my favourite shots, but most folk prefer views!

    Des: Humph is a man in a league of his own. A REAL legend of the Challenge.

    Shirl: Obviously the product of a decent education, Miss! I shall look 'omnisavant' up! (Knows everything? - a guess...)

    JM: Go with the nappy changing duties dear thing: Trust me - It's worth it in the long run...

    Robin: Grumpy prefers the comfort of his own skin - I don't think he would have a piece of lycra in his wardrobe - this guy is hardcore! (and a thoroughly nice bloke)

    Dunc: A real gent: Thank you.

    Geoff: Aye - real heavy buggers indeed! I don't think they make them any more - Scarpa Nepals: Leather lined craftsman made boots. They did 2,000 miles including my Lejog with no blisters, so I bought another pair straight afterwards, which should last me another few years too!

  12. Cracking stuff Alan! :)

    Top-tip with Picasa (or any other online photo whatist): Hit the F11 key to make the browser display "full screen" (hit it again to come out of it).

    Also - leave on Slideshow and go and do summat else (in another tab perhaps - or in real life) so that all the pics are download and you can view them with no delay.

  13. Do you know, Dave: I'll get the hang of this interweb thingy one day!

    Top tip indeed! Many thanks and thank you for the kind comment!


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