Saturday, 2 May 2009


Took off at Luton at 5 to 2 and am sitting in the Torridon Inn at 5:00pm. Joined up Britain ~ it really can work sometimes! That, of course and a really good friend prepared to drive you all the way from the airport to the Inn!

Update: It's just me & Ibbo in the pub now, getting outside another pint of Torridon ~ & splendid stuff it is too. The weather forecast has gone from awful to absolutely horrific and the rain is lashing down outside, but we are in the pub in the warm, 

It's ten to midnight and Colin is getting another pint of 'Torridon' in. Points agreed thus far:
  • Andy Howell for Pope
  • The present lot are no better or worse than those who will replace them
  • No-one cares about Fletcher's sending off.
  • Tomorrow will be hell ; especially with a head ache....


  1. Good to see you're off to what I've read is your usual start - A good few ease the nerves of course!

    Best of luck and I'll be watching for more updates like a real saddo - when I should be out there rambling across Scotland being forced to drink some of the best whisky the world has seen.

  2. Hi Al

    Good to know that your training in the Ollie Cromwell has paid off. Hope you remembered your brolly and galoshes.

    Love to Wanda.



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