Saturday, 2 May 2009


Ibbo & I started with a seaside paddle and then strode surprisingly manfully towards the 'signing out' point ~ Torridon Youth Hostel.

Over breakfast (we managed solids, just) we decided to dump our route though Coire Lair as the only thing missing from the weather forecast was blood sucking bats. This meant that Martin's carefully buried stash of Glenmorangie would have to be exhumed another time... Then Caburn manfully volunteered to take on the mountain's spiteful weather and so we handed him Martin's detailed treasure map, thinking there was no chance of ever seeing him alive again... 

We collected a bunch like minded wimps to join our stroll east towards Kinlochewe marvelling at the views of Ben Eighe. We were heading through the Coulin Pass, and very nice it was too with magnificent rain & hail showers sweeping across Sgurr Ruaidh and the hills to the west of us. Slioch to the north was shrouded in cloud.

We bundled into Gerry's bunkhouse at Craig to bag a wonderful bed and a shower (even though I had had one last week!). 

Then, enter Caburn Chamberlain ~ super hero and mountaineer, bon viveur and lounge lizard. With........ A bottle of Glenmorangie with a nice little label: "Preserved for Alan & Phil's Cheese & Wine Party to be held hereabouts on Friday 8th May 2009 ~ with compliments, A friend"

Absolutely Wonderful!

The whisky has now been consumed: Phil, Martin, Caburn and Absent friends were toasted with sufficient gravity for the occasion.

A wonderful day with memories and toasts exchanged about my mate Phil. Cheers fella!


  1. Sounds a great start to the Challenge Alan. Now onwards and hopefully upwards a Munro or two for a fine view.

  2. Chaps, I am sitting here wishing I was with you - and raising a glass to you all. The weather looks a though it will be kinder for the rest of the week, so have a great time.


    p.s. Well done Caburn!

  3. Alan we are suffering similar freezing weather here in Banos in the Andes. Relatively that is as it only 25c by day which after 35c in the Galapagos means no shorts in the evening when the temperature is down to 20C. Off to the thermal baths tomight to recuperate...

    Rick and Lindsey

  4. I had some nice wine and cheese, with biscuits, in Coire Lair (NG975508) last night. Nice walk in via the east ridge (only one Muro) It was a tad blustery with hail and sleet but NO CHALLENGERS! They obviously don't make 'em like they used to. Wish I was doing more than the one day. Have a great time.

  5. LOL at the blood-sucking bats comment.

    Safe and happy trails.

  6. Well done Caburn, and Roger the Intrepid. You are Stars.
    Have fun.
    Martin and Sue

  7. Roger, Roger!

    I feel like such a wimp! The forecast was for 70mph gusts with a windchill temperature of -17 degC with blizzard conditions and thunderstorms!

    Having seen Bob Ward's face from falling when walking over from Strathcarron on the Thursday in far less severe conditions it seemed like the right thing to do to go round the Coulin Pass.

    Caburn had also walked over the previous day and he thought the rivers would be way higher on Friday.

    As it happened on the day though, it seemed the forecast was way-out!

    Thanks for coming - and I am sorry I wasn't there!


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