Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Regular members of the congregation will know that I do like decent food at the end of a day, often washed down with a nice glass of Gigondas to make the evening quite perfect!

For eight years or so I was dehydrating our Sunday lunches in my drier and packaging them up for use on my walking trips. Then came the time when I needed a huge amount of meals for my LEJOG and my wife, quite reasonably, refused to even contemplate the drier whirring away night after night for weeks on end!

My own experience of commercially produced dehydrated meals had been disappointing, at best! So I searched around and asked questions of my walking fiends. Then I found a few bright orange packs of Real Turmat Expedition Food at George Fishers in Keswick. I took them home and tried them.

They were absolutely scrummy! I rang Fishers to see if they could sort me out with thirty or so packs but they were currently out of stock and they suggested I tried an online retailer, where I successfully bought enough for my LEJOG. They were gorgeous.

Well now there are two online retailers for Real Turmat Foods: The present retailer: Charlie at Extreme Outdoor Food has now been joined by a new kid on the block:

Chris at Outdoors Grub Ltd

Have a look at both sites - You will not be disappointed as the Real Turmat Food is by far and away the best commercially available dehydrated meals I have ever come across! It ain't cheap - but value for money is sensational.


  1. Hi Alan,

    I contacted charlie on yours and Robin's recommendations for Real Turmat meals. Charlie must be on an expedition as we made contact, discussed stock and then all went quiet. I'll keep trying though as I good dehydrated meal these days is hard to find.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Ordered a load last night before they run out :)

  3. Dude: Chris seems very keen to help people gethold of Real Turmat - so try there if you cannot get hold of Charlie!

    Robin: Sound Move - the Norwegian Army tend to get 'first shout' on the supplies!

  4. Excellent! thanks for the info Alan. Been trying to find them for ages.

  5. Got some beef and potato casserole and game casserole on your recommendation. Really looking forward to trying it,(although the walk is the important bit, obviously!) and I'll let you know how we get on.


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