Sunday, 14 June 2009


Sat here, sitting on my settee, (the settee is my friend!) ce soir, I have mostly been drinking 'Hebridean Gold': A fine 'porridge oat and malt' ale from the Isle of Skye - a present from Rick and Lindsey.

It's been a great weekend - Friday night R&L arrive and bring with them one of Rick's dodgy old magnums of red (quite delicious) and supper!

Saturday; and Lindsey, Wilkinson and I stroll the Hemingford Round with a spot of lunch in the Oli Cromwell. Drinks in the garden in the deck-chairs and as I am preparing dinner, R&L and young Wilkinsod are sorting out the main flowerbed! Then Lord Elpus and Miss Whiplash arrive with a cracking pudding and a really pretty pudding wine.

All House Guests should be like this!

Today has been mostly spent doing six loads of washing!

But it's been worth it! Cheers, you lot!


  1. Porridge Ale - a personal favourite of mine. May I recommend Trade Winds, if you can get it down there:

  2. Indeed, an excellent evening, sir. You did us proud. Ta :-)

  3. Alistair - Dead right!

    Trade Winds is beeyootiful! I seem to remember (through the mists of time) trying it in the Torridon Inn at the start of the TGO Challenge with young Mr Ibbotson. In fact we sampled all the beers they had on handles that night - most of them a few times....

    I don't know where Ibbo puts it! There's not much belly on him!

  4. Alan I still have the hangover from that night!


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