Friday, 5 June 2009


Its five o'clock and its pouring down with rain, but Lord Elpus and I are in the Newfield Inn in Dunnerdale on our second pint: "Sneck Lifter" and its very tasty; perfect winter ale ~ strong and malty ~ as it's winter out there ; 7 degrees C and raining stair rods.

Darren has texted saying that it looks like he can't make it tonight and then in the same beath said snow was forecast....

So it's just the rufty tufties left then Big D!

Speaking of rufty tufties, we are to be joined tomorrow by Piglet the Wunderhund and her mistress Shirl ~ who knows a thing or two about mountains in crappy weather as she shimmied off on the second day of the Challenge (the worst weather day of the Challenge) to go climbing Munroes with the mad and bad Caburn Chamberlain.

So if Shirl's reading this it's raining and just 7 degress C and very wet: As Darrren said ~ Perfect Challenge weather!.


  1. Started training early for the next Challenge Alan? Good man and have a fine weekend in the lovely Lakes.

  2. Hmmm... was about to pack my lighter sleeping bag, but wondering now... Piglet is tremendously excited, though :)

    p.s. I can't text you as I've not got your mobby number. Not that I need to at the moment, but maybe in the morning.

  3. Hi Alan, an excellent pub indeed and one I came to know on a very cold November night when I got the car stuck in black ice at the top of the Wrynose Pass!

    Modest little pub with a roaring fire, excellent locals and the B&B (owned by Paul the landlord's parents) was excellent too. Say hi to those guys for me.

  4. Alan, if you need the amber firewater (Caol Ila) for the cold and any earache you might have/get, I know it is somewhere in Lord E's pack.

    Honest...don't let him tell you otherwise!

    Miss W

  5. I've been over t'Pennines around 10 - 11 am this morning - and it was snowing.

  6. Martin: Training is everything! All life is training for our next one! Best to get in as much practice as possible then...

    Shirl: My mobby under is at the botom of every email!

    Dude! Totallay agree with you about the pub - a great little place.

    Miss W: No - In typical fashion, Lord E's whisky remained hidden in his pack... (I think - I was rather merry at the time.)

    JJ: You 'northern types' are well 'ard! You are built to take it!


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