Sunday, 12 July 2009


As Gayle would put it, 'the sun is splitting the flags' as we head east (on purpose, this time) and we are currently to be found sat sitting on a well positioned bench over looking the views that were not available to us yesterday.

The church is Edburton but we shall not be visiting it as it is far too far downhill.

Obbsy has just pointed out that Foggy is whittling a piece of wood, Compo is working out the weather forecast and the speed of an African Swallow carrying a coconut on his wristwatch, and Clegg is blogging via his telephone.

Such is the broad church of the modern day rambler.


  1. Do you think mobile blogging is the modern day equivalent of whittling?

  2. Andy ~ you might have something here. But if truth be told, at least with whittling you end up with a stick with a point ~ with blogging, is there a point?

    It's more mental chewing gum and a stream of conscience downnload of the terminally insane. Perhaps.

    Currently enjoying a Quattro Staggione in Don's after seeing the divorce lawyer. It's life Jim, but not as sane people know it...

  3. No! No! No! You can’t get to Mornington Crescent from Fulking Hill! That would involve a reverse hop whilst blocked on the left flank by two other players wearing Tilley hats. That is an illegal move….everyone knows that.

  4. I am enjoying Andrew's sideways hop (rather than a reverse hop) from the Morninigton Crescent' post - to post it here is surely a mark of pure genius.

    Is it cheating or perhaps 'gamesmanship' though? Is he our twelth man?

  5. Undoubtedly pure genius, rather than sheer incompetence.


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