Thursday, 16 July 2009


Have you noticed it too?

It generally happens in public houses. Last weekend I was playing pool with Lord Elpus and Obbsy in the 'Bridge' in Upper Beeding - a fine establishment but a stone's throw from the forge that cast (from an original mould) the one and only Good Friend Derek. Okay, so I might have elaborated about the current well -being of the said goat's health but you get the drift. It is a good place to be; Upper Beeding.

Until that is, they call you a 'Northerner'.

Now, Upper Beeding is just a slingshot away from Brighton - the home of the Pink Pound, infamous Massage Parlours and the ruined West Pier. Okay, so you didn't know that the west Pier was ruined - you learn a lot on here, don't you? This is an educational blog - I should get a grant for scribbling this stuff, I really should. But, as I chew on the celery stick of life, Scout's Honour Sir, we were addressed as 'Northerners'! In a pub in Ingerland!

I dread to think how the erstwhile drinkers of the Bridge would address the drinkers in the Helwith Bridge on Saturday then. They must be Positively Polar!

So - One end of the dominion to the other: Last weekend almost on the south coast of good ol' Blighty and this coming weekend in the far frozen north of Ingerland.

By then we shall have thrown away the second test. By then the 'Mericans will be winning the 'Open' and with a good bit of luck, by then, a 'Merican will be beating the Frogs in the Tour de France!

And I will (with a bit of luck and a following wind) have finally conquered the last of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. I am off to stay in luxury once more within the ample grounds of Odd Job Hall, to stay with the Potential Bigamist and Odd Job, in the frozen tundra of the far north.

Thoroughly looking forward to it too. I shall take my blogging type-writer.


  1. Are you staying till Monday Alan? I have some extremely steep stuff lined up for those soft southern Timperley types wot baulk at a contour...

  2. I live near Tunbridge Wells and speak with the hint of a Sussex accent. Whenever I venture North, i.e. further North than Cambs, somebody will refer to me as 'Cockney', when I go to work in any of the London boroughs I'm often asked if there are telephones where I come from!

  3. Good work Alan, which peak is it then. I recall you recently climbed Ingleborough - fine figure of a mountain, and so is it Whernside or Pen Y Ghent?

    Did you ever get that emergency primate for your phone?

  4. Hi there Dude
    'Tis indeed Whernside as I knocked off P-y-G on my LEJOG.
    Currently finishing off one of Rick's very passable 25 year old reds in front of a roaring fire in a stone cottage in the Yorkshire Dales.
    The Powermonkey is on my Christmas Pressy List.

  5. Looking forward to the next episode - I'm currently 'gliding' in the Alps where we're all northerners.

  6. Laura: I'm currently 'gliding' in the Alps
    Intrigued here! Tell me more! Did you manage to get to stay at the Stury Inn?

  7. Hi Alan
    This could be a long answer but I'll try to keep it short...... Yes I made it (albeit a day late) where I given a gentle ticking off by the Patron but still got a room and a great meal. 'Gliding' is what I do - not 'bimbling' as others do (apparently). I'm in the southern Alps for the summer - great walking and biking and sitting on the terrace in the sun.


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