Saturday, 11 July 2009


Supping an old favourite; Sharp's Doom Bar in the Devil's Dyke Pub after a stretch of the legs this morning.

We are currently heading west on the South Down's Way. The party consists of Obbsy, Lord Elpus and myself. We should have brought Miss Whiplash; at least she has a sense of direction. We started in fine form, and strode manfully up the Down unil we reached the top. A quick glance at the map and a check of the compass brought on a scratching of the heads, re-orienting of the maps and quzzical glances at each other.

I stuffed my map back furtively in my pocket and innocently asked Lord E for his decision on the way to go.

Of course it was back the way we had come. We had been manfully striding uphill in the driving rain in an easterly direction for the best part of an hour.

It's good for the soul.

It wouldn't have happened if Miss W had been with us and even if it had we would all have enjoyed the whipping she would have dealt out for the rest of the day.


  1. I don't believe it. Three men,three maps and possibly three compasses and still you get lost! I'm speechless!!

    As I am not there you will all have lines tonight and write, 'I must not get lost', 500 times. :-)

    Miss Whiplash x

  2. It's a lot easier on the Carneddau. On the other hand there are not many Welsh on the South Downs.

    Swings and roundabouts!

    How are the slippers?

  3. Miss Whiplash: You minx!
    At least I didn't need to use my headtorch today ~ it was a close run thing though. There was quite a bit of mud on the morning's route variation: Has Lord E been Google Earthing to find the boggy places? It all starts to add up.

    Robin: I shall use my comfortable slippers to soundly tan Lord E's behind for taking us East. Better than lines and he will appreciate it in the long run. No sign of the Welsh but we have spotted some wonderful girls in heels that are impossibly high, so could they be Welsh?


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