Saturday, 11 July 2009


The summit party finally left the pub around four-ish to head out into the hell that was outside. We have been told by Ron, our B&B host, that the views today were top-drawer, especially so from the Fulking Escarpment.

We will take his word for it as we walked in the clouds all day. The walking was delightful on springy sheep nibbled grass. The rain was (mostly) soft and warm to the skin.

Lord Elpus denies all involvement in the morning's directional challenges as he 'was only obeying orders.' He's been hearing those voices again ~ it must be his medication.

So it's off to the pub in a moment to revitalise and refresh the parts that the Doom Bar didn't reach.


  1. So you have visited the village where I was born and lived in until 1975!

  2. I'm so glad to learn that I'm not the only directionally challenged person on the hills :)

    You makek that rain sound almost alluring...

  3. Derek ~ they are still talking about you in the King's Head! What did happen to the goat?

    Wiggly: Obbsy liked the wamth of the rain he did a Mr Grumpy along the length of Fulking Escarpment and rolled around in the long, luscious wet grass to reinvigorate his tired old body.
    The sheep are like cats: They just laughed.


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