Monday, 27 July 2009


With Son Number One well and truly launched on his way to his wedding at the weekend, today just got better still.

Today, Son Number Two (the Marathon des Sables man) started a new job in a very large business down in London after a longish period of uncertainty. It has certainly put a spring in his step and he can start to plan his life once again. He planned Oli's stag weekend with great success and so we all wish him all the best in the new job. He certainly deserves it.

Over the years I have lost a few people who were dear to me to cancer. Phil & Tini are a wonderful couple, whose lives must have been 'on hold' for the last year with Phil's cancer - but to see them together you would never have noticed it. Well, this evening I had an unexpected call. Phil (aka Lord Elpus) rang to let me know that the results are back from hospital and he is 'all clear'. This is amazingly great news which has lifted a colossal weight from His & Miss Whiplash's shoulders. All quite emotional stuff!

A bloody good day.


  1. good news all round :)

  2. As Lord E has celebrated his good fortune to the extent that he is now incapable of using the keyboard, I would just like to say "Thank You, Alan" for your support & help over the last year. You delivered. You're a diamond. xx.

  3. Good day indeed Alan and good to hear Phil is on the mend.

  4. Incapable! How very dare she! I am exshreemly caapapapale!

    But, seriously, it IS a good day - and thanks to Alan and all the other great folk who sent their good wishes over the last few months. It meant a lot, and I look forward to buying you all a dram or two.

    Lord E.

  5. Hi Alan

    It was wonderful to visit your blog this evening and read all that great news!!!

    Particularly good to hear Lord E's latest news - so pleased for Phil & Tini!

    Take care folks and hope to see you before too long.


  6. I'm chuffed.
    In fact, I'm very chuffed.
    There's nothing like being chuffed.
    Lets all be chuffed for a while....

  7. What excellent news! Gayle and I are also chuffed to bits.

    Calls for a drink somewhere out in the sticks.

  8. This calls for celebration. Really great news all round.
    Happy Days!

  9. This is truly fantastic news!

    I'm off to get a glass of wine to celebrate :) Love and hugs to Phil from Piglet and Puss-Puss and me :) xxx

  10. Great news about Phil.

    Just make sure you don't lead his astray Sloman !!!

  11. You're right... a VERY good day!!

    Glad you're ok Phil. Hopefully see you soon.

    Love Rach x

  12. Excellent news, I'm really delighted!


  13. Rach, thanks, and if I don't see you before, all the very best to you both with the Nuptials!

  14. Mary and I have been thinking of you and we're thrilled and delighted with this good news.

    Now ... about that Auchentoshan ....

  15. Hello Big Al.

    Met with Lord Elpus a few times and have been following his sterling efforts over the recent dark times. Bloody fantastic.. way to go Phil. Very very thrilled for you. They can't keep a good man down.

    See you soon Big Al.


    Little Bruv Dave

  16. Only just logged on to hear the wonderful news for Phil - well done indeed. Also good to see that Alan seems pretty chirpy too. Good wishes to everyone John and Mary Allcock

  17. Soory - this has taken me a litle while to get back to you all:

    Bruvver with the hair: Mended the fridge door yet? Message will be passed on this weekend.

    John & Mary: Hello to you two - you really are lovely. Yes - Phil is all bubbly and you are also right; recently I have been getting Lynnie out of my hair, which has been a huge struggle for me, but I am definitely getting there. Thank you.


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