Saturday, 25 July 2009


Running the gauntlet in a forest, in front of a hundred or so paint-ballers, wearing nothing but a mankini and his helmet (ooh!) and boots, my eldest boy today came of age.

He is to be married in a few weeks time and so this weekend has been abandoned to our pleasures and Oli's discomfiture.

Whilst his fiancee was having unctious oils massaged into her young tender skin in a Health Spa, this afternoon, my little Oli was lying on a carpet having Savlon rubbed into sixty or so circular weals received from the almighty hammering he took from the hundred or so sadistic maniacs with paintball guns.

I noticed that his Best Man, who ran the gauntlet with him, was vey careful to be twenty yards behind the naked guy, and only suffered minor skin blemishes, as every one was firing at Mankini Man.

Currently drinking beer and eating pizza in Don's. The groom is still standing.


  1. so you have enjoyed your first experience of paintballing then?
    Also you failed to confirm or deny whether the old man was one of those firing at his son.

  2. Sounds like a good time was had by nearly one and all.

  3. Way 2 go Oli! I well recall meeting with you at the time of the Map Dislocation. Which was the first time I met with yr father, in the infamous howff that is The Tipsy Laird. Long life and good health to you. I'm a terrible old softie for a wedding, and wish you and yr squeeze the best of all worlds.

  4. Ohhh, aaaah, OUCH!!! Those paintballs sting!

    The groom is still standing.

    Oh dear - shots to the rear, eh? All the best for the big day, Ollie, from Tini & Phil


    Ridiculously uncomfortable. I have 54 of these.


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