Friday, 28 August 2009


GOC2003 - 01-101_0166copy

This is a very proud day for me. I am just off out to my son, Oli's wedding to Nicole. He is absolutely everything that a father could wish his son to be:

Caring, loving, enthusiastic, hard working and tremendously good fun to be with. This picture was taken at the start of the Challenge in 2003, when I suppose Oli passed from being my son to being a best friend.

He is marrying a girl who loves him to distraction and I wish them all the very best in their lives together.


  1. Good news Al. Glad your happy and all the best to the lad on his big day from the blogger sphere.

  2. Enjoy the day and the many days to come with the family.

  3. Many good wishes to you on this very special day in your life's journey.

  4. All the best Al - a positive move on all parts.
    Now don't drink too much Dad

  5. Ah! Bless 'em (sniff!).
    Might nip down the offy to celebrate...
    That lad looks vaguely familiar, I wonder if I met him in the Park?
    In fact, I wonder if I met anybody in the Park?
    Congrats anyway - this is what happens when you get top a certain age - life starts to become all weddings, christenings and funerals...


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