Wednesday, 26 August 2009


This hamlet is a little haven set amongst the central Cumbrian fells. I found myself there last weekend, bathed in warmth and sunshine with Shirl.

These are just a few pictures taken when I could remember to record the loveliness of it all.


IMG_1649 IMG_1651


  1. A fine place and I expect you had a fine time. Did you frighten a hill or two?

  2. Lovely post - reminds me of school trips in the 90's to the camp site just a little further up the valley. Must try to visit again some time.

  3. The photo of the old red telephone box with the sign above of email, text and phone is fantastic, what a contrast.

  4. Martin: You are right - it is beautiful. And, yes, we did frighten a hill - but more on that later!

    Simon: Hello and welcome to the blog! I have just nipped over to your blog and noticed that you are a rower. My youngest boy is a keen rower too.

    I shall spend a bit of time later on to read your blog properly.

    In fact, Shirl and I stayed at the campsite you mention; it's now owned by the National Trust. Basic, but a wonderful location.

  5. Hello Roger

    I undertsand where you are coming from with the contrast of ancient and modern and to start with, I wished they had not put the horrid modern signage on the lovely old box.

    But having it sit here on the blog, taking occassional glances at it, I am reminded that it's a bit like me. A bit knocked about, a few damaged bits, but still sitting happily in the sunshine along with his friend the post box and taking on new challenges.

  6. Alan, I'm honoured that you should visit my blog, having just started out on my journey - mountainous and online!

    I thoroughly recommend rowing and am glad your son has picked it up. It's a worthy sport and I spent many happy hours training and racing.

    When I was last at Stonethwaite, I seem to remember Mr Brownlee, the local farmer, owned it, but that may not be the case any more.

    If for no other reason, it should be visited for a climb up to Bessy Boot, which overlooks it - what an evocative name!

  7. Looks good, Alan. Hope you two didn't frighten too many cows!

  8. "Phone Boxes What I Have Blogged From".

    Didn't use the advertised email or internet though, just the good old-fashioned telephone service (coupled with my Pocketmail), as we passed through on our Coast to Coast last year.

  9. That'll be the Stonethwaite International Communications Hub.
    State of the art, that was, in its day.
    Last time I was at that campsite it was throwing it down and I was throwing it up... happy (blech) days...


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