Monday, 7 September 2009

LOST BOYS: Novak & Good

Spotted on the TGO Challenge Message Board:

"Dear Derek.

My boyfriend, Novak, and I are lurking in the shadows here on your pretty message board for quite a whilst these days (we do like your colours - so refreshing for a manly board) and want to get to know you all a little betters. So we have thinkings of applying for your walk this next year. Neither of us have done your hiking in Scotlands before but we are both experienced and like dressing up in the waterproof cloths and the big boots with the extra long black nylons laces.

We want to start at Torridon because the nightlife in Kinlochewe is a real high-spot. Novak tells me that he has a good friend called Thomas who likes putting us up in his nice house with the wild life.

We know where we want to finish; a little hidey-place calling Dickmont's Den, but would like some helps in preparing our paths. I find that I get like a little lost boy so often since having met up with Novak. He's such a strong boy and I just lose my minds when I am with him.


Thanking you in advances for your hospitality.

Your good friend, Horst Good."


  1. Hardly your average spam ... comic genius perhaps?

  2. If you say Novak & Good quickly, it gives you a clue ;)

  3. I am looking forward to meeting all these new German Challengers in 2010...


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