Friday, 4 September 2009


As I sit looking out at the soft suppleness of the leathery leaves of the trees  being blown about, outside my cottage, further north, the country is being smashed by storms. Scotland and northern England are having floods.

Heading south, away from these troubles, three Challengers are making their way to East Anglia, where the weather is kinder. Two, OddJob and the Bigamist, are to stay with Lord and Lady Whiplash at Lord Elpus Hall and the other, Nurse Wiggly, is to be taken into my protection.

We shall all meet tomorrow night for some fun, frolics and party games.

I have been sent this photograph from a well-wisher: I wonder if this is what Miss Whiplash has in mind?

Miss Whiplash


  1. 'Tis damp up here.

    Hope you have some nice, dry fun down there!

  2. that is such a George thing to produce (lego fetish porn that is) but I know that he would not be allowed to make something like that.So I have to conclude that there is some one with even more lego skill out there than him. Incredible.

  3. I tried to post a comment last night but was using a different browser and it played silly b*****s and ignored me completely. This was a shame 'cause I can't remember what the comment was only that the word verification required me to type in "patbothi" (pat botty)which I thought was interesting given the nature of your post.

    Sorry...this is the outdoor walking blog isn't it?

  4. My my what goes on down in Cambridgeshire ? Lego seems all grown-up, there goes my childhood memories.

  5. I WOULD never do this to lego. I don't know where to look ;-)

  6. So - it's 'nice dry fun', it's 'Lego fetish porn (Niiiiice), it's 'Pat Botty', and it's 'all grown up' and only George doesn't know where to look...

    Hmmmm. The rest of us all do George.


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