Saturday, 17 October 2009



My two boys will recognise this book as their favourite bedtime storybook. Perhaps it was the delivery, but usually after ten minutes or so they were as good as gold and fast asleep.

Anyway - today, the blog is three years old. Happy Birthday Blog. We have been through some good times and some bad time in those three years as I am sure some of our congregation have too. But life isn't so bad you know.

Well, now the boys are all grown up I thought it was time that they realised that there is a real life out there: Everyone has problems - Even their boyhood heroes. This table was pinched unashamedly from Wickipedia.

In December 2000, a Canadian medical journal jokingly "diagnosed" characters in the books and films with various mental illnesses:

Conditions Additional factor Cause Drug (brand / common name)

inattentive subtype (ADHD); cognitive impairment; possibly Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) (ADHD impulsive subtype excluded), if so he may have Tourette syndrome Obesity and poor diet "Shaken Bear Syndrome" (dragged down stairs by Christopher) resulting in microcephaly, ADHD: cause unknown Stimulant (Ritalin/methylphenidate)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Bad enviroment emotional trauma from trapping heffalumps antipanic agent (Seroxat/paroxetine)

chronic dysthymic disorder or Major depressive disorder Housing problem Unknown antidepressant (Prozac/fluoxetine

dyslexia (very bright) Housing problem see: Theories of dyslexia  

  statistically high risk for Poorer Outcome (single-parent household (overprotective unemployed) aggravated by Peer influences, i.e. Tigger as a Role Model)    

hyperactivity and impulsivity subtype (ADHD)   unknown Stimulant (fluoxetine) + sedative (clonidine)

Christopher Robin
possible Gender identity disorder in children (from illustrations), overactive imagination (though delirium is not speculated in article), complete absence of parental supervision and educational problems Unknown  

Narcissistic personality disorder (God Complex)   Unknown  


  1. Happy birthday, Blog!

    Here's a wee birthday tune I wrote (well, re-wrote) :)

    Birthday Bop

    I hope this works!

  2. Congratulations! Three years, that's a lot of time already! Have a pint and here's on the next three!

  3. Congrats Alan, and Blog.
    Heres to many more happy returns!

  4. happy blog birthday Alan :)
    Winnie the Poo is need of serious therapy!

  5. Happy Birthday mate!,

    I do say that your new dress and hair-do are particularly fetching! Will you be in this finery at the AGM?

  6. Blog on! (as they say!)
    Happy Anniversary!

  7. Big Bruvver,

    That book looks familiar!! I believe it is mine..I have been looking for it for the past 30 odd years. I am grateful that Pooh, Piglet, Christopher, owl and all his mates will soon be repatriated to me. They have all been missing Yorkshire ( the hundred acre wood) and have been calling to me. The book must be returned..I am glad that ollie and Fe have been weaned on it but like the Elgin marbles the owner is calling. Don't let this become a diplomatic issue between the republic of Yorkshire and the softies in Cambs.. You have been warned.

    Red dave

    Have just read what I have written ..It's a bit random..Could it be the Yorkshire Ale?

  8. Hello everyone

    Have just finished a frantically busy weekend. Thank you all for your very kind comments.

    Blog therapy, with feedback!

    Shirl - nice jingle - but it will never catch on, you know...

    Hendrik: Mine's a Black Sheep then next time we meet!

    Robin: Ta, fella

    Keith: I'm all 'made up' here.

    DHo: I always thought he needed help. I am more a 'Tigger' man, myself.

    Michael: You've been looking at too many naughty movies then?

    Laura: Chally this year?

    Red Dave: That was never your book. And tell Meg it was never her piano either. It was never Gwyn's Machine Head too... I could go on and on and on and on....

    Big Ron: Woo Hoo! Okay mate!

  9. Happy Blog Birthday, Alan, and keep it up...

  10. Happy Birthday, Alan's blog!!!

    Congrats Alan, I've enjoyed visiting here often over the last three years.

    Thanks, David

  11. FDW: Ta, Ken :)

    Martin R: Nice to see your blog in the news.

    Martin B: Keeping it up - but this 'work' thing keeps getting in the way...

    Laura: Fingers crossed then.

    His Holiness, The Incredibly Irreverend Dave: Mine's a pint!

  12. Right you are, a pint of holy water it is!!!


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