Thursday, 29 October 2009


Procrastination. It's what I do well.

You will have noticed a few lulls in the blog recently, but it's not for the want of something to write about; more the choice of what to write about and then the moment passing. Life can be a little bit like that for me at times.

There's been a trip to the Yorkshire Dales to see John, Steph & Sierra a few weeks back, that has totally passed this blog by; a trip to the Lakes last weekend with Lord Elpus to support Shirl and various momentous personal bits and pieces that would otherwise have been hinted at or alluded to.

But sometimes life gets in the way and the time to sit back and think about events flies by at break-neck speed. For me, my blog has been a 'Pause for Thought' oasis of calm, when I can sit down and gather my thoughts and carve out some semblance of order from the chaos that sometimes masquerades as life. My blog can be a place for me to distill what is worth having, and conversely I suppose, to decide what needs to be discarded.

It needs more care than it is getting at the moment as without this care it is possible to career onwards at dizzying speed, blundering blindly about.

So - I promise to spend more time with you all - if only to sort stuff out in my own mind. You may not have a clue what I am talking about as I am sure that I am pretty confused about it all as well.

Anyway - You will be seeing more of me from now on - that's a promise. There's a whole heap of stuff coming up that needs sifting, sorting and organising and it's going to be done right here. It should be fun - there's some good things to think about.

In the meantime, here are some lovely pictures to act as a bit of a 'catch-up' for the last month.

IMG_1729a Yorkshire Dales

IMG_1792 From Loughrigg Fell (a Wainwright, don't ya know!)

IMG_1795Wild evening on Black Crag (another Wainwright)

Oh - and thanks for being patient with me; I must do better! Now I must write that out a hundred times....


  1. Nice to see you back.

    I've been having my own hiatus, but my excuse is far less exciting than procrastination, had that affliction as a child though...

  2. no worries big fella. In your own time and your own way.... ;)

  3. Too right dad. If you get a moment have a look at my page for movember. I will be growing a tache for one month only, with the sole aim of looking a bit more like my old man. (and raising some cash for prostate cancer research) This will be much more traumatising than running through the desert, so please be generous!!

  4. It's tres bon to see you posting again :)

    Cool piccies! I'm surprised that Phil and I were actually standing, though I do see that he was having to hold me up. Windy? Noooooooo....

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  6. Blog backing up? I know the feeling. No matter. We can wait. Just 'go with the flow', Alan.
    Have fun

  7. Thank you everyone

    Fe - Are there pictures of the Big Hairy Caterpillar currently gracing your top lip?


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