Monday, 2 November 2009


This weekend I was to be found down in the West Country in the Blue Flame in West End, near Nailsea.

Mendip Magic: Highly Recommended and the pub is a little honey - a sort of bothy/pub cross if you can imagine such a thing, with pickled eggs and cheese and onion rolls. Threadbare carpets, peeling wall paper, an odd collection of books and an eclectic furniture style and a very happy clientele all make it a fascinating boozer. It seems to be in the middle of nowhere when approached from Clevedon along a bumpy fen road with deep dykes either side. Fun in the pitch black of an Autumn night.

Then it was off to the south coast for a nephew's 18th celebrations - well done Jack. Somewhere in there, there was also a trip to the theatre to see Rod & Rachael's Best Man in Fiddler on the Roof, fish and chips, pizzas and a curry.

Lots of driving but all very good fun. I just need a weekend off now to recover.


  1. You did very well trying lots of new things and it all worked out ok :)

    Glad you didn't starve.

    PS. There was only so much driving cause you live so far away. Maybe you should move. Hint hint

    Lots of love Rach x x

  2. Funny. I used to live in Clevedon and I don't know that pub at all. Obviously didn't get out enough.

  3. Rachael - you little Minx. not on your nelly!

    Geoff - Surprised at you Sir! It's well worth a return visit down there just to visit the pub.


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