Monday, 5 October 2009



It all went swimmingly. The groom was handsome and the bride quite, quite beautiful.

So; meet the new Mr & Mrs Simeone.

And my left calf hurts, because I went dancing. Old men don't dance.


  1. Rachael looks absolutely stunning :-)

    See the chauffeur parked very close to the wall so Rod couldn't escape.

    Seriously, our very best wishes for the future to them both.

    Hope the leg gets better soon - did you only use the one!

    Love Tini x
    and Phil

  2. Old men must dance. Your children are surely entitled to at least one wedding day inheritance embarrassment from dad. Something to remember you by, as it were.

  3. I'm really pleased it went well. My very best wishes to the bride & groom....or should that be Bride & Groom?


  4. Lovely photo.

    I hope you weren't trying out your new Salomon slippers on the dance floor!

  5. "Old men don't dance." Phooey on that. It's just as true as "Old men don't cry." Bet you did that, too. And both were well worth it.

    Congratulations and best wishes to all.

  6. Nice pics, Alan. I trust you have now taken up your crutches and adjourned to read your paper in your favourite (wi-fi enabled, of course) coffee shop.
    Have fun.

  7. Miss W: I am sure I only use the one leg when I dance - it's always the same leg that gets all hurty...

    Des: All the children were in attendance to witness their father dancing. They are all now past embarrassment and into the 'cannot look' stage.

    JJ: You are right - the capitals should be important here.

    Robin: Oh no Sir! Far too grippy for my break-dancing style.

    Mark: There were a few tearey moments, it has to be said.

    Martin: Taken up my crotches, eh? A bit of tailoring required then. Coffee sounds too - Mmmmm, a nice piece of wedding cake too. I shall nip off now to the kitchen right now.

  8. Old men don't dance.

    Maybe, but since that doesn't yet apply to you I'm sure there's plenty of dancing in you yet :)

    Let's make a plan for Braemar next May. I claim the first bop at the pubby pissup :)

  9. Howdy, Hop-a-long.

    I think, more to the point Alan, old men do dance, and live to regret it! To the rest of us, it's just free, live entertainment.

    (Note to self, if get on Challenge, DON'T TRY TO DANCE IN PUBLIC!)

  10. Shirl: "I claim the first bop at the pubby pissup :)"
    It's yours, sweet thing - just go carefully with my leg!

    Louise: "(Note to self, if get on Challenge, DON'T TRY TO DANCE IN PUBLIC!)"
    So - d'ya want a private dance then??? I dunno how all the other girls on the list will see this - you have to share, you know!

  11. Ha - Louise falls into Sloman's forensic word analysis trap! You have my sympathy Louise. My boss is a serial captive.

  12. congrats on the newly-weds day going swimmingly well.
    For some reason I have a picture of you in my mind jigging to a wailing rendition of "knees up mother brown"

  13. Bluey: "Sloman's forensic word analysis trap! So harsh. Are people losing the art of reading between the lines? Nallo Lady is desperate to throw off the shackles of her manic walking partner and join in with a crew who enjoy more pedestrian pursuits. She's lately had to feign a back injury for some peace and quiet...

    Dave: "knees up mother brown" - I have often wondered what Mother Brown had down to deserve such treatment.

  14. ...I wish ... it's very boring lying in this drawer waiting for Nallo Lady to recover....

  15. This dancing thing is bad news... My left leg still hurts almost two weeks later!

    (Word = puckeryb)

  16. My boss sometimes finds exercise is what is needed to break through the pain barrier and return to normal, although her mate recommends a good surgeon!
    Sounds like a spin on Diana may do you good!

  17. I am meeting Lord Elpus in a pub on Sunday lunchtime so I expect the leg will get excercised walking up to the bar and back a few times.
    Musn't rush these things, you know...

    It's been said by quite a few, quite often, that your master's mate needs surgery....

  18. What? More surgery? He has it very regularly, y'know!


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