Thursday, 1 October 2009



All appointments; cancelled. International statesmen; put off. Billion dollar presentations; scrapped. Flags; unfurled.

The crew have been given a celebratory flogging. Full sales are set. Extra oarsmen drafted in. Troops are straining in their landing crafts. Gunboats put on full alert. A statement in the House. Telegrams from Elizabeth. A fusillade of canon-shot!

Shoes polished, teeth cleaned, hair combed, washing behind the ears and full immersion bath tubs fetched.

Extra pinching of housemaids' bottoms...


For tomorrow morning, I am off down to Bristol, for my daughter Rachael's wedding to Rod.


  1. This is all very well, but did you get your hair cut??


  2. a great time and all the best to the happy couple!

  3. Tell me you remembered to wash the car...

    Have a fantastic weekend, justifiably proud father ♥

    (Word: unmitele--WTF? Too complicated...)

  4. JJ: I did! And very nice it looks too. The wonderful Laura looked after me.

    BPB: Thanks, fella.

    Shirl: I did too! In fact, for the first time in six months; it looks really nice now! And, thank you, for everything.
    Now then - "unmitele" - quite appropriate as I have just re-tuned my digital telly.

  5. Hmmmmmm.
    Just re-written the 'father of the bride' speech for the fifth time tonight! I really should stop now!


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