Sunday, 8 November 2009


11:45 am, Saturday: The Red Lion @ Langthwaite.

Okay ~ haven't got too far yet ~ but safely in the womb of this excellent little pub before stepping out up the hill.


We came back over the roof of the world via Tan Hill this morning in the clear, sharp air after a hearty breakfast at Keld Lodge.


So it's a pint of Black Sheep and a coffee and then its out there into the cruel cold world. It's hell, captain, but someone's got to do it...

5:15pm, Saturday: The Charles Bathurst Inn;



What a splendid walk ~ we started with a stroll along Arkle Beck as far as Storthwaite Hall and then made our way up through the old lead mine workings and onto Marrick Moor. It was glorious up there ~ pin sharp air with sweeping views over to the North York Moors in the east and the broad summits of the Dales to the West.


Heavy clouds were mustering over the hills to the west and the wind was freshening as we skipped along above Fremington Edge. We met quite a few walkers all heading in the opposite direction; all were smiley and wrapped up warmly.


Above Cuckoo Hill the showers started - nothing nasty - it was warm and blustery ~ the showers adding to the experience as trailing curtains brushed across Arkengarthdale.


Strolling down above Reeth there were a few handily placed benches; perfect for a light lunch. Then we strolled back up the Dale through pastureland and alongside the busy little Arkle Beck. Bracken now a pale rust, meadows a heavy emerald, with vibrant sunburst orange birch leaves all making for a perfect Autumnal walk.


Langthwaite is a little crush of heavily slated roofs all huddled together for protection. Peeping through the cottage windows, mothers were busy in the warm glow of their kitchens and televisions flickered in the sitting rooms. A beautiful little hamlet.

Back at the car we both felt we had done enough for the day and had earned our supper. A grand day out!


  1. Is that snow I see in the far distance Alan in the top photo?.

  2. Black Sheep ... the hills ... there are many things I miss about living in England. You are stirring thoughts of a return trip! Well done :D Keep it up!

  3. Are we permitted to know the identity of the lady in two of the piccies? Is there a story here? (Nosey git!)

  4. Litehiker

    Yes you are a nosey git but that's Mrs Sloman me think's!

  5. Hi Geoff and hello 'Anon'

    No mystery here: Yes, the mystery lady in two of the piccies is indeed Lynnie. We are having another crack at this marriage thing.

    Taking things steadily.

  6. Hi Martin - Sorry - missed your comment there. Must start looking through the spec rather than over the top of them...

    No - not snow, but it was almost cold enough - they were great big fluffy white clouds, Sir.

    WP: That's very kind of you; thank you.


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