Saturday, 7 November 2009


What a splendid joint this is ~ but most of you will know this already; either from the Coast to Coast (most likely?) or the Pennine Way or just plain ol' common sense staying at a cracking place.

Arrived here via the Wetherby Whaler (standards seem to have slipped lately) and Richmond. Now there's rum ol' place! All I wanted was a Harvey's map of the Yorkshire Dales (North), but that was beyond their ken. Happily we liberated a copy from the tourist information office in Reeth. Last time I was there was twenty years ago on my Coast to Coast! Doesn't seem to have changed much apart from getting a bit posher.

Had to pop in to the Tan Hill Inn ~ what a lovely drive up from Reeth! It's like stepping back fifty years to open roads and Standard Vanguards...

Last time at the THI I was on my LEJOG and spent quite a few happy hours in the company of a couple of new-born lambs and quite a few pints of Black Sheep. This time around I am driving so the Black Sheep was rationed and instead of the lambs we had a couple of new-born kittens.

So ~presently holed up in half the old common room of Keld Youth Hostel with a pint of Ragwelter and dinner ordered.

Not a bad place to be....


  1. Ah yes, Keld Lodge - a fine establishment it is Alan. I ate there on my 2008 C2C and I remember that the Pudding and Custard was particularly outstanding. It was great to get in out of the rain and away from the midges (they love frequenting the camping field just down the road!!!).

    Have a great WE!

  2. I well remember The Tan Hill. It was 1962. My uncle had a Humber Super Snipe. We, however, arrived in a Standard Vanguard ...

  3. Pity I've had a couple of glasses of rather nice white wine otherwise I'd have come over & kept you company for a couple of hours. Still you could always pop down the road to the night club or join in with the fire works display on the village green.
    Nice to see you'll be Challenging next year, maybe LE will be fit enough to plan a real challenge rather than the daunder you enjoyed this year!


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