Thursday, 26 November 2009


Some of the congregation have enjoyed the occasional listen to what I pin here and so this is my November's music selection.

I found this first one from 'House.' Haunting stuff and I think it's quite beautiful.

I then dug around a bit to find more.

Well - I like it anyway!


  1. After scrabbling to find my speakers last time to discover they are defunct, I was a little miffed to scrabble for my son's headphones this time to find they only work in one ear.
    They'd probably be as useful.

  2. There are hi-fi buffs scrabbling for just the same effect out there in the real world Louise.

    I tried mono for real a few months back - not good.

    With the pants, make sure the leg holes are around your ears; otherwise you won't hear a sausage.


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