Saturday, 21 November 2009


A Hundred Miles. Well, maybe a bit more than a hundred miles.

I had plotted our route on my mapping software as far as Kingussie ; nothing too alarming but there was quite a lot to do for the second day. Living as we do on the edge of the Fens there is a distinct risk of nose-bleeds and altitude sickness on that day but our reward is to be a pub at the end of the third day. Lord E will do anything for a drink.

At this point the laptop made a soft 'pling' as an email dropped in. It was from Lord Elpus. He had not only finished plotting our route but had also filled in the route sheet as well. He had sent it over for my perusal. What a darling! So, we compared notes distances and height climbs for the route as far as Kingussie. He had already adjusted for that unique Anquet 'ExtraHeight' software glitch by manually counting the contours and when we looked at Anquet's count and Phil's manual counting, all seemed to be in the right order. It was agreed. It could be sent off to Uncle Roger.

Is this a first? Our route sent in, in November! We are looking frightfully organised this year.

So it comes out at a moderate 170 miles and 8,000m of ascent. That's about 30 miles less than our last route together and 1000m less climbing. It should be do-able then.


  1. Already looking forward to the booze cruise blog posts!

  2. "That's about 30 miles less our last route together and 1000m less climbing. It should be do-able then."
    And both of you a year older and several gallons of alcohol in one form and another under your belts you may think again come May 27th next year.

  3. Robin: "Booze Criuise" indeed! We walk all the way, I'll have you know!

    Grumpy: G'Morning. I am sure I get more than a year older each year and I am convinced thatv Lord Elpus gets younger each year. I wonder if he is secretly stealing my years when my back is turned? I shall have words!

  4. I ramble then Alan? A route with time to relax and enjoy the views and a drink or two it seems. Tell me is there is a summit or two in that route ?.

  5. More than a ramnble, me ol' hearty!

    There's them thar Munro thingies chucked in there with more than a sprinkling of chucks, I'll have you know!

    Two of the blighters on Day Two.
    Three on Day Six (Eeeeek!)
    One on Day Eight.
    Three on Day Eleven!


  6. ...sounds like fun...

    Not sulking. No, definatly not. I refuse.

    Got 2011 route sorted though!


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