Thursday, 19 November 2009


I was on the telephone to Lord Elpus yesterday evening for an hour or so and we chatted out a route. It seems to get easier each year as we both know where each other wants to go. Phil's tally of Challies is now mounting up; this will be his eighth. He knows his way around the Chally Chunk of Scotland.

Our route incorporates a number of FWA's. Now, the organisers (That's Uncle Roger, the Chief Organiser, and all his lieutenants, the admirable Vetters) like Challengers to put Foul Weather Alternatives in on the route sheets for the days when the tops are out of the question. Lord Elpus & I like to think of the FWA's as FINE Weather Alternatives - because experience shows us that the weather is usually pretty crap... So, with all our days supposedly of the 'Fine' variety we have included two good handful of Munros. Shock Horror!

For the uninitiated, (surely no-one reading this? Stand in the corner with wearing the pointy hat if this is so and be ashamed!) a "Munro" is a mountain in Scotland over 3000 feet high that sort of looks mountainous (but not necessarily) and is not just a 'top' - ooh - do I need to describe what a top is? Anyway - we are aiming to bundle our sorry carcases over a few fine hills. And still get to Braemar for the Saturday night party and Bill & Stan's for the Sunday night party too. We like parties.

We missed them both last year. We have a lot of catching up to do. Two men in tights, both tight. Lovely.

So - Its Lochailort to Nether Warburton this time, via a whole heap of Scotland. And, is it me or they do seem to heap Scotland up higher each year?


  1. Excellent post of course.

    Simon's Cat though - so funny. It's good to laugh, but at 6 o'clock in the morning even better.



  2. The girls and I enjoyed finishing at Nether Warburton (aka 'Bread Beach'this year). There was/is a lovely log to take a break at before building sand castles with your toilet trowels (the sand is very good for this sort of thing!!!).


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