Wednesday, 16 December 2009


GOC 2010 DAY 2 GOC 2010 DAY 2: Click on the map to make it bigger!

Let's see if this is any clearer. I have just been speaking with Uncle Darren and he tells me that the original advice given to me does in fact work and that I am just a dumb cluck (or words to that effect - he is a bright bloke and I am a knuckle-dragging dunderhead when it comes to things technological...)

This time, when you click on it, it should be mightily huge and gob-smackingly brilliant and you will all want to bow down to me and want all my babies. You will desire me to be King and stuff and sort out this terror of Global Warming and the crisis in the Middle East whilst I'm at it. Okay - No Problemo then... So let's see if it works...


  1. So okay - the babies are already spoken for - well two out of three are; that's Nicole speaking for Oli and Rod for Rachael. But I suppose Felix is still up for grabs?

    The picture of the map is still a bit blurry on the blog itself but when you click on it is is pretty phantasmagorrical. And yes - this Global Warming thing - No problem.

    I suppose it's better than having no maps.

  2. There seems to be a lot of radio active hazards along the way. ;o)

  3. Hello Your Majesty! (we are not worthy... The FT and all... sigh...)

    Yes - the radioactivity is there for a porpoise! When i work out the route I put the blue string on the ol' Anquet a mapping software - so it looks like what you are seeing now. But this covers up important stuff like dashed footpaths and tracks and streams and stuff which is a right pain in the bottom. SO!

    When I print the maps out I dump the blue string and just leave the Hazard symbols on to show me which way I am going next.


  4. The mapping seems pretty good to me.
    Far too many contours on the route, though (has this really been vetted?)
    Fight the war on tourism by marking the OS maps with scary symbols..
    The word is "hollize" = to form into a festive decoration made entirely out of light.

  5. I thought you might be skipping the TGOC and doing a tour of Chernobyl

    Are you still planning to go to Sweden?

  6. Aye Mike; I reckon the Venereal Vetters probably mistook us for some proper walking pairing. There are quite a few of those brown squiggly wrigglies aren't there?

    What do they do?

    Robin - what with the present re-emergence of a past-life I think Sweden ought to wait a wee while, whilst things try to get fixed. Buggering off for three months pobably wouldn't help much....

  7. Hi Alan - I've been testing your map thingy and here is my report.
    Map 1 - blurry (the clicking didn't improve things much - might be my eyes).
    Map 2 - took ages to load but the map WAS BIGGER and clearer.
    Map 3 - definitely the winner - loaded really fast.
    BTW I already have several babies but thanks for the offer....
    NB If I don't get on the Challenge this year there could be tea & biscuits or even camping at my house in Crathie (not meant as a threat!)
    [the Word - dilyst - most appropriate)

  8. I think the symbols mark where you are going to drop off the worn socks en-route


  9. Ho! We follow your trail! We slaver and lick yr Mountain House! We bring outrageous neo-punk to yr whine-n-cheese! We love you (mostly)

  10. Laura: What exactly are you doing in France. That place is full of the French, you know! But thankyou for your input. If I was to go via Crathie I would adore sprawling all over your lawns and making a fine ol' mess of them with my chunky tent pegs whilst chewing on life's ambrosia: your biscuits and wonderful Earl Grey tea.

    Dave Ho: It is true: I do get through an alarming amount of socks. Gayle & Mick are far more careful with theirs - they get about five time the miles out of them. There is indeed a very real chance of radio-active sock dumps buried beneath the Scottish tilth the whole breadth of Caledonia.

    Humph: I am honoured that you (mostly) love me. But will you still, when I am King of The World??? Those pansies over in Copenhagen don't seem to know how to Make Things Happen. They just need a divinely appointed King to sort it all out. Me. I don't need votes to carry this out. No. I just need to assume power. The world will realise PDQ that I Am The Man For The Job.
    I'll have it all sorted in a jiff. Just watch me.

  11. You would get my vote Alan. I like the map thingy. Looks a good walk. I will be back to see more soon.

  12. You see Martin, Kings don't get voted for - They just take power and deal with stuff as they see fit. Mind you - it is nice to have the backing of the subjects - old Liz seems to enjoy that at the moment too. It's whether or not Charlie will get a following that'll be interesting

    But I wouldn't care, see? I would just get on with it, support or not - Rule and be damned, I say!

    There might be one or two mappy things later too.


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