Wednesday, 16 December 2009


GOC 2010:  DAY 1

Lets try it this way now - Hopefully, when you click on it it will become sharper? Won't know until I try..... Ho hum...


  1. Hmmm
    It does become clear when you click on it this time, but I am still not sure why it looks blurred on the blog before you click on it.

    Any suggestions? (that I will be able to understand as a non- techie blogger...)

  2. I like it. It does get clearer when I click on it.

    And I really enjoyed your earlier tussle with the OS. Do it again!

  3. Ah Mark: You can now go to the next post (do not pass 'GO' and do not colect £200) and see that it gets better there.

    You just have to be patient with slower children like me, see?

    Yes - And I Am Ready Now For The O.S.

    More in a while, I think.

  4. The reason it looks blurred on the blog but clear when clicked on is that your blogger software has made the picture smaller to fit it into your blog. That way the pixels get all squished up. When you click on the image on the blog you're taken to the original picture you posted, which is larger. Hence all becomes clear.


    Oooh! How extremely appropriate! Word = backisme. Reckon it knew I'd been here before?


  5. You see. it's the way that you talk to people - Innit? (That's a good "Pieman" improv.) I 'got' that this time Shirl. It must be your cool, calm & clear delivery.

    So - how do I make the pixels not squished up on the blog so it is all nice and clear but still have the picture clickable to make it humoungously enormous to look at and drool over wantonly?

  6. Well, the thing to do is to work out the maximum width that a piccy on your blog will take.

    The pic I can see on the page is 554 pixels wide, so presumably that's it.

    So, in your Photoshop, trim the piccy so that it shows the bits you want and then resize it to no more than 554 pixels wide. It won't be as detailed as the larger pic because (obviously) it's smaller, but because you've *chosen* that size for it the pixel squishing should happen in a more sophisticated way, and what you post to your blog should be more-or-less what you see in Photoshop.

    Word = noserap. Uh-oh... *backs away, cautiously*

  7. Thanks for that Miss. But if I trim the piccy to 550 pixels to make it look sharper on the blog, will it be possible to click on it to see a bigger picture? I can't see how to make a lovely big picture when you click on a lovely sharp little picture.

    Or am I still being thick? (Probably...)

  8. Hmmm... well I'm not an expeeert on this, but I suspect not. If you want the lovely big clear one then you should prolly continue as you're going now, and just make it clear in the text/label that peeps should click on the piccy for the real one.

    Word = something boring.

  9. Thanks for that, Miss. I shall continue down the route of 'Map Test 3' then and stick little notes beneath the maps saying 'Click on the map'


    I think these techie people who write the code and stuff for these blogs need to take a squint at all this and find a way to show nice clear little piccies on the blog and wonderful massive gloriously pin-sharp Fresco-type artwork when you click on it. Not much to ask? Is it?

    Big Darren - Write some Speshul Stuff for Blogger and make a million.

  10. Well, you *can* achieve that if you're willing to take a couple of extra steps.

    You can make your sharp and pretty small picture and post it to the blog, and post a larger version somewhere else (like, for instance, Photobucket, or one of the other free picture hosting sites). Then just link the small picture to the large one, in very much the same way as you would link text on your blog to another web page.

    Doing it that way you need to make two pictures, rather than one, and upload two rather than one. Having said that, it'll be there forever, and isn't actually *that* much of a faff.

  11. Oooohhh! Now I get it! (And I've been 'working' with computers for years... Loosely speaking.) Going to have to try this.

    Only really wanted to comment for the word: bolikee. Lovely.

  12. Shirl said "Then just link the small picture to the large one, in very much the same way as you would link text on your blog to another web page".

    Nope! That really is one step over the edge of the cliff of my ragged techie knowledge... But thanks Miss - I will try and fiddle with it on the other blog where no one can see my fiddling... You never know - I may master it yet...

    Louise: How many hundreds of refreshes did you have to do to end up with "bolikee" - Is this a case of an infinite number of monkees with infinite time on their hands then?

  13. I daren't refresh, I was worried where it might lead!

    (On this occasion: deles. Not nealy so amusing.)


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