Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Anquet Maps

There are some clever devils out there in the blogosphere. If this works and you can actually see Day 1 of our route for Next year's Chally, I will be amazed... It didn't work as I was instructed:

"Well, plot the route in Anquet, take a Screen Print (Ctl + Prt Scr), paste it into a piccy editing program and trim to size. Easy!"

I had to save the thing as a pdf, (that was tricky too) and then import it into Photoshop to trim it a bit and then convert it into a jpeg.

Perhaps more trouble than it's worth? What do you think?

You see, I am thinking of printing off all my LEJOG days like this and having them as pictures alongside the text for each day of the blog... or something like that anyway, if the Big Bad Ordnance Survey Don't Come And Sue My Arse Off for doing it. I shall post more about this later. I feel the sap starting to rise again and I am now ready to have more conversations with the BBOS.


  1. That route looks exactly like my first effort at route design for 2010.
    As it happens, I'm going from somewhere else.
    If I survive, I may do that another time.
    I must say, though, I don't really understand the technology here...

    word is Intipt = the reverse of outipt newspeak for rejected, therefore, intipt = accepted. Which is nice.

  2. D'you know what, Old Thing? It looks like mine too! So how did that happen, then?
    "They are stealing my underpants, you know..."

    I have never understood technology, like I never understoof the workings of the Infernal Combustion Engine - But I do know that when you hit the loud pedal it goes faster and when you hit the soft pedal it stops.

    All technology should be like that really.

  3. I can see it, and it looks fine.

    You shouldn't have to safe it as a .pdf, though.

    Have you ever done a screen print? Every keyboard has a print-screen key. On mine it's on the top row towards the right. I have to press the Ctl key to make it work, but I think it might vary according to the keyboard.

    In any event, all you need to do is work out how to use the Screen Print button and then go to your photo editing prog. ISTR you telling me that you use Photoshop. Just click on Edit in there (presumably the paste option lives there) and then Paste (or Paste as New Image, which is what I use in PSP), and the picture of the screen will come up.

    You *definitely* don't have to save as a .pdf before doing that. The whole process will only take seconds. Ask your computer-savvy partner and he'll show you how to do it.

    Then, when you've re-sized it in Photoshop, just go to Save As (or maybe Export) and choose .jpg, or whatever, and you're sorted.

    In PSP there's an Export/Optimiser option that allows me to make the file much smaller, which is useful when posting to the web. I use it for all the pics I put on my blog and website.

    (Word = aroha. China meets Hawaii??)

  4. Ooh - she's good!

    I have now cracked this screenprint thing (I was just being a techno-dummy) and Uncle Darren has taught me easy-shit like "Paint" (Never even knew I had that installed on the machine - apparently it's all part of Microslob!) so it's easy-peasy so even dummies like me can use it...

    How come you get all the interesting words then? All I got was "zayedr" - I mean! What's that all about then?


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