Monday, 14 December 2009


IMG_1863It's this fella's fault that my legs ache today.

You see, he invited a few of us along (well when I say 'a few' what I really mean is twenty five) for a spot of lunch in a pub in the White Peak. Now these legs aren't used to this 'walking' business at all - this is an outdoor blog, all said and done - and you can't possibly expect me to blog about being outside if I am out there in the cold damp air, actually outside, can you? I  need to be here in my office, in the warm, with the cat on my lap, slurping a rather nice cappuccino and pulling ideas out of the skull cinema to share with you.

Well after a bit of prodding Lord Elpus & I decided to see what all the fuss was about - we would get in the car, drive all the way to some countryside and then go for a walk with a ragbag of ramblers. This 'countryside' thing was fascinating: It was like Suffolk and Cambridgeshire but a bit more crumpled up and with Rivers and trees and stuff, too.

(It did all smell a bit like the muck-spreader had been out for a week beforehand.)

Milldale Mill Dale (Click on picture for larger image)



IMG_1867a Shirl IMG_1869 Rose IMG_1867b Lord Elpus

So - in a typically Lord Elpus Winter Walk sort of way, we all finished in the gloaming, in the cold, in the middle of nowhere with mud up to our eyeballs.

Mileage: A few too many.                                                                          

Food and Drink: Laphroaig & three rather fine pints of Black Sheep and Fish&Chips.

Photo details: Box Brownie, no filters, apart from those pinched from Shirl's fags.


  1. Gawd... please delete that bloody awful picture of me IMMEDIATELY!!!

    *takes deep, cleansing breath*

  2. Is that a real dog with those hikists?
    Elpus looks happy.
    This is what happens when you go outside.

    The word is "sphom" = a phantom ejaculation.....

  3. I AM a real dog!!!

    *makes big growling noise*

    I'm big inside :-)

    p.s. word = 'essect'. Perhaps Blogger knows I can't speeeel properly?

  4. Hands up all those who refresh this web page to see which word comes up next ...........oh! just me then..........sad!

  5. I see the training for the next TGO whatsit thingy is starting off...leisurely. I look forward to the mountain simulations.

  6. Mountain Simulations....!!! What a fantabulous idea! Ken - you are a poppet - no need for all those muddy boots and achey legs and some such nonsense.

    This walking lark is over-rated if you ask me. I need a dog. A fat one to start with so she doesn't pull too hard up the hills then as she gets slimmer and stronger I will be getting fitter and stronger too...

    Just a thought...

  7. I love the Mill Dale photo possibly my favourite of 2009.


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