Thursday, 10 December 2009


Perhaps that should have said 'vetted' but with others having had bad experiences with vets recently, I thought it best to play safe.

Yes, Lord Elpus has had our route returned to us with a big tick and a gold star and absolutely no red ink! Our doctor this year was once more the excellent Bert Hendrikse - an athlete, a Dutchman and a chap whose legs disappear into the stratosphere before reaching his armpits. I walked with Bert and his partner Suus, a long time ago from Braemar to Tarfside. He was astonishingly quick. And a real gentleman.

Bert has made some interesting comments:

  • Day 1: ... will also be a very rough section...
  • Day 2: An area of unusually rough and steep complexity, very wild and beautiful as you climb these Munros. You'll be on your own for the cheese & wine party.
  • Day 3: The river can be a problem in spate...
  • Day 4: The top section of the bealach will indeed be wet & boggy
  • Day 5: (Camping at 3,000ft) Fingers crossed for a nice sunny day...
  • Day 8: Camping on the Cairngorm plateau can be rather windy...
  • Day 9: If you want to do more Munros, I suggest.... (IS THIS MAN MAD?)
  • Day 10: I recommend that you order your tea & scones from Stan & Bill beforehand, to avoid disappointment. Your next day will be a very, very hard day...
  • Day 11: ... a vast area of peat hags....more to come over the next two hills as can't avoid the peat...
  • Day 12: ...another dreadful day....


So it all looks very rufty-tufty and up to scratch then. Well done to us!

With all this rufty-tufty stuff I had better pull on the slippers and get out for a walk - it will come as quite a shock to the legs. I had better warn them. Lord Elpus & I are joining a bit of a bun fight on Sunday.


  1. Eh??? I don't remember planning any of that sort of thing.

    Are you sure we've got the right notes?

  2. " Camping on the Cairngorm plateau can be rather windy" Wonderful Alan. Proper adventure and it is a Challenge after all. Sounds a great route. Enjoy.

  3. Rough, steep, rivers in spate, boggy, wet, windy, Munros!, tea and scones, peat hags....
    ...sounds like you are planning a trip to Scotland.
    You'll need someone like me!
    Apparently Braemar is compulsory this year...
    Have fun!

  4. Eeee Alan - this is so similar to the blog post I was going to write, including comments from the very lovely JD that its almost like you have a wire into my compyouter - or something like a radio controlled wild bird....
    Ridiclious, I know...
    Today's word is quirdism.

  5. The word verification is 'brids'. Last time it was 'blogger'. Mike, I think this geezer has wired into The Postcard as well - strange things have happened in the night - and that 'Phil' may have something to do with it - I heard he was some sort of electronic genius with these web-sitey things.


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