Monday, 25 January 2010


Linton Ducks

Is this possible? Can anyone write a blog post that has within it more Ducks than our Darren?

Well, yesterday, in 'one last heave' to lose the week's required 14 ounces, Phil & Tini dragged my sorry carcase around Nine Miles - yes nine whole imperial miles - of greasy Cambridgeshire clay. He had us marching up to the top of a hill and he had us marching down again... TWICE!

The man is a sadist.

Anyway - he marched us through the pretty little village of Linton (twice...) where we crossed the little splash on a bridge. And spotted the ducks. Apparently there are now fewer ducks than there used to be and that a local Chinese restaurant has been questioned about the mysterious disappearances...

We got back to the cars slathered in mud, just as it was getting dark and cold. It's life, Jim, but not as we know it.


  1. your ducks have water to swim and feed on, luxury, bloody luxury.
    I'd forgotten how easy the East Anglian fowl had it.

  2. Do I sense a new challenge coming on? One in which the winner can post the greatest assembly of ducks?

  3. At least it wasn't Fowl weather for your walk but it sounds like you were Lag-ging behind. Eider better move on before i get up in front of the beak or should that be Mallard!. I know, i'm quackers.

  4. Eee those jokes canard-ly get worse

    Seems to have solved the problem of the destination of Darrens deserted duckpond divas (divers?), dough .er..though.

  5. Please Note:
    *No ducks were harmed in the taking of this photograph.
    *All the ducks taking part are all under eighteen and have signed release forms.
    *The owner of this website does not condone Duck Trafficking.
    *Any duck's resemblance to any cartoon duck is accidental and purely co-incidental.

  6. Alan the nearest hill to Norfolk is further away than Cambridgeshire. If there is a hill I seem to have missed so near to home tell me about it.

  7. I think Alan is confusing a hill with an embankment. Very easy to do when you live below sea level.

  8. Benighted Norfolkers and northeners. No hills!!!! The Suffolk and Cambridgeshire Munros are our playground. Magnificent, snow capped hills, many soaring well over 300'.

    word = 'ardski'

    See - even the russians think it's tough.

  9. Phil your keyboard appears to have got jammed and added an extra 0 on that 30 feet.

    I do hope this time you reached that summit with out the aid of oxygen and sherpas which I believe are usually mandatory for membership of the Cambridgeshire & Norfolk Mountainering Club

  10. Word = grucks

    True! Not making this up! Have made a screen-grab at for you unbelievers ...

  11. It's life, Jim, but not as we know it.

    This is another pairoducks.

  12. Phil: Thank you for dealing with the northerners... tut indeed.

    Humph: I think there is someone over at Google with a sense of humour whose word verification programme examines content. Has to be!

    Des: Probably the best yet. God - I shall have to post another blog to get away from this one.


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