17 January 2010


Having slumped into the settee (the settee is my friend) after an exhausting Sunday afternoon stroll, I was told that all it takes it two ounces a day.

It's the belly you see. It's always the belly.

Christmas had not been kind and I need to lose a stone; a stone that in it's usual comical way, has congregated at my belly. The exhausting Sunday afternoon stroll was just seven and a half miles with 86 m of ascent. It's not funny, is it?

As I sit here this Sunday evening, there are just 117 days to go to the start of the Challenge.  That's just sixteen Sunday afternoon strolls to get the legs back into some sort of shape. Sixteen weeks to lose the belly.

Two ounces a day. That's all it should take.



  1. 2oz a day eh?


    I'll join the club.

    Shall we meet in a pub?


  2. Phew! Luckily you managed a strategically placed conditional.

  3. 2oz a day - that sounds much easier than my 14oz per week!

    Word = antimma (antimatter?)

  4. Yes yes yes !! Word is chips !! There is a Goddess !

  5. Did someone say chips?

    If so then I'll join too.........

  6. I tried walking to lose weight it didn't seem to work.:-(

    Must be doing something wrong.

    I'd be happy with 1oz a day :-)

  7. Christmas can be bad for you. Never mind Alan there is a long way to go to May.

  8. You shouldn't worry, Alan. By Challenger standards I suspect you have a very small belly.
    Pass the chips, sir...

  9. Ahh the belly, the trusty ring of blubber that seems to be creeping around my waist too! I've noticed walking (or at least the levels that I am doing at the moment) doesn't really touch it but riding to work each day chips away at it nicely.

    No worries Alan, if it gets too bad you could do another LEJOG which I remember you saying got rid of the flab nicely! Now where is that 3 months annual leave I had lying around......

  10. Grrrrr!

    Gimme the chips or the Blog gets it...

    *waggles bum ingratiatingly*

  11. Speaking of chips - I am wondering if the belly has anything to do with the winter re-filling of the deep fat frier a week or so ago and Heston's triple-cooked-chips that have been so wonderful since...

    Mike - with all the fat around my belly I could make a few clubs with it. It seems to be hardening.

    Des: " Luckily you managed a strategically placed conditional" - With my will-power, I think that might be a very important "should."

    Piglet: Just whose bum is wiggling ingratiatingly?


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