Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I must have been a very good boy this year as Father Christmas very cleverly remembered what I wanted and duly delivered.

After a dampish night in Wanda halfway up Scafell Pike earlier in the year in, admittedly, pretty horrendous conditions, I had coveted Shirl's very lightweight bivi bag that she had bought from Winwood Outdoors. Unfortunately it was no longer possible to get the same bag and so I scoured the interwebbysphere for a similar product that was available in Britain and not stratospherically expensive.

Eventually I came up with the RAB Ultra Bivi:

RAB Ultra Bivi

Rather pleasingly it actually weighs less than the manufacturer states - just 201 grams in its little stuff sac: A trifle, to guarantee a warm dry sleep in the very worst that the British weather can chuck at little Wanda. It is very well made and has welded seams - so I was very impressed, especially considering the price.

But one thing did make me chuckle: The tag that came with the bag:


Is this RAB keeping "Johnny Foreigner" in his place?


  1. It's because all other countries speak english. Or maybe the powers that think they matter in Brussels have deemed all directions now have to be in english.
    Which ever its a good one.

  2. They could save on printing costs by just printing it once!

    They could save on printing costs by just printing it once!

  3. It makes perfect sense if you read it with the correct accent. Think "'Allo 'Allo!" and you're good to go.

  4. Ho! Word = Whorenest
    Is this some arcane reference to Moany Liath and her sisterhood? Or am I still snow and iced in in the Scottish Bore-duhs and losing the plot once again? You be the judge ...

  5. Alan: Or own country barely speaks our native tongue with any proficiency. Lord help the others.

    G&L: What what? :)

    BG: Love it!

    Humph: Where do I begin? I am of the firm opinion that you must refresh the comment button a zillion times to get these results. Respect, Sir!

    (Word = "Oyes"

  6. BG! nailed it - Hilarious!

    Have fun with the Ultra bivy, Alan, it's a very solid piece of kit.

  7. Dear Rab probably started out with good Euro-friendly intentions until he tried to find somebody who could translate circular toe section allows sleeping bag lofting into French and German.

  8. Des: "circular toe sections...sleeping bag lofting..."

    I knew a girl who had those properties, but it was all a long time ago...

    Hendrik: "Have fun with... a very solid bit of kit" If I could find that girl again, I most certainly would Sir!


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