Sunday, 3 January 2010


Ordering a second pint of Sharp's Zennor Mermaid is the best thing this side of the Pearly Gates when it's drizzling with a cold easterly and you should be out there on the Atlantic Granite Coastline with the rest of the London set in their pattterned gurly wellies and their Peruvian Nomad's wooly hats.

Instead, we are settling into a nice warm stone-built ancient pub with two roaring log fires watching the weather outside from a comfy window seat.

The incomers to the pub in their mud-coloured nylon overtrousers stand and steam in front of the fire saying that it's 'hell out there'. Well ~ it's actually hell when they come through the door and let all that cold weather in and drip all over the place...

Lord Elpus would like it here right here and now. It's nice and cosy and the grey cells are slowly slipping into comfiture, watching the horridness outside.

Schadenfreude: nothing beats it.

(The picture is Helligan's Honey in the Gurnard's Head at Treen after clambering along a bit of the SW Coastal Path)


  1. Happy New Year, Alan.
    "clambering along the SW Coastal Path"
    Sounds a bit energetic! Are you feeling OK? Or have you made a resolution to do a lot of "clambering" in 2010? Will you be competing with The Pie Man's vital Statistics?

  2. I think Martin and Mike leave all outdoor bloggers in their wake with the statistics from their walks last year Alan. Happy New Year to you and stay in the warm.

  3. There's facts and there's statistics....
    Nice looking pint, that....

  4. A Good New Year to you Alan!
    I'm hoping the TGOC gods are going to look favourably upon me.....
    In the meantime cosy sounds good!

  5. Cornwall: the land of my fathers and a very special place. It has a magic all of its own.

  6. Martin (B): Happy New year to you as well Sir! It was a bit energetic - four walks - that's a whole month's worth! So now I can slob in front of the wood-burner for a while...

    Martin (R): There's statistics and lies, damned lies. I reckon the Pieman & Bannerman only go for virtual walks - they just have a good set od stock images...

    Pieman: It was a very nice piont indeed - so i had another straight after to check it wasn't a fluke. The second was definitely better.

    Laura: The Gods would be very afraid if you did not get your rightful place. Wossiss about a new blog then? I shall have to put you on my bloglist etc.

    Robin: "Land of my Fathers" - surely you mean Wales then? !!!!

  7. I'm of pure Cornish stock. Mother from St Austell, father from Mevagissey. We haven't forgiven the Welsh for not accepting Cornish as a true Celtic language (or the Scots or the Irish for that matter).

  8. Robin: Being of True Welsh Stock myself, I recognise Cornish as a true Celtic language.

    And now breathe deeply. Calm thoughts. You musn't stress yourself, dear - The Welsh are stressy enough already - Indeed they have enough stress for the whole of Great Britain. there's only a handful of million of them yet they make so much noise!

    Even worse than the Scots!


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