Monday, 4 January 2010



It's the 4th January 2010 and we are out on the fourth walk of the year. We started at Land's End ~ as good as any place to start a walk ~ and headed northish towards John O' Groats.

We stopped for a moment at the famous signpost to watch a chap pull up with his motorbike; he seemed well kitted out and 'travelled' ~ a big fellow. He had the letters loaded onto the signpost "Getting Lost." Curiosity got the better of us and before too long we discovered he had ridden here from Singapore, having started his trip eight months ago, solo.

A year ago, Mike chucked his job in (he was an executive in a gaming company and spent too many months traveling all over the globe and not having he time to see anything) to start planning his trip. It had been possible to ride virtually all the way but the intransigence of the Red Army got in the way. The Chinese Government had said 'yes', but the army; 'No.'

He had his name on the sleeve of his bike jacket "Mike McCabe B+" Well if it was his blood group, that's pretty handy. But I would like to think it as a message; Be Positive.

You can find Mike's site at


  1. Hey Mike, Good on yer, I like the old Success, and about 7 miles on is The Crowns" at Pendeen, but it takes two pints to walk there from where you are.

    --Ratdog, DC

  2. Hi Alan,
    So good, 4th walk of the year. Envy setting in rapidly.
    I've only done 1! What is your itinerary? if you don't mind me asking. Enjoy the beer and never mind the belly, it comes to us all eventually. I am trying to train mine now but i think it's a losing battle.
    Have a good trip.
    Can't wait for the weekend - Lakes pending and some new gear to try out.

  3. There's a note that Mike has two hours to go and is very cold, but it's unclear whether that was posted today from Scotland or in October from the Himalayas!
    Sounds like you are enjoying a great start to the year. Keep it up....

  4. Ratdog: I like your method of distance measurement. I shall adopt it, if I may...

    Alan: Training the belly - I thnk I shall need a chair and a whip. But then I could sit on the chair and whip passers-by. Hope you had a fine weekend in the Lakes - it looks a bit cold for it!

    Martin: he has postponed his finish at Braemar until the roads have de-iced - very dicey on a bike! At this rate we will see him at Braemar in May...

  5. Hi Alan,
    Looks like you had a good time. Pics great. We postponed lakes trip until next weekend. Just went out locally in the Pennine foothills. Lots of snow between Rochdale and Oldham. Its been fantastic though.


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