Thursday, 7 January 2010


Over the holiday we walked quite a bit of the coast path. I have to admit to not liking coastal paths at all but just occasionally it can be rewarding.

Anyway, helped by some fantastic weather over the New Year, here are a few pictures of what the SWCP has to offer.

St Michael's Mount 29th Dec 2009

St Michael's Mount

St Ives New Year's Eve St Ives New Years Eve

St Ives, New Years Eve St Ives, New Years Eve

Lamorna, New Years Day Lamorna, New Years Day

Lamorna - Old Water Wheel Lamorna - Old Water Wheel

Newlyn, 2nd January Newlyn Fishing Boat

Penzance Penzance 2nd January

Near Zennor, 3rd January Near Zennor, 3rd January

Sennan, 4th January Sennan, 4th January

Sennan, 4th January Sennan, 4th January


  1. I agree, good photos but that one close-up of the boat reflections!!

    Wow! ART!

  2. I like coastal paths. After visits to some of the Munros south of Braemar the variety of a coastal path is an absolute joy! Best on a sunny winters day I think.

    My fav photo is the big waves crashing into the buildings on the seawall - lots of energy - you can almost feel...that you don't want to be there!

  3. If you enjoyed the SWCP in December then you must see it in June. Without a doubt Cornwall has the best display of wild flowers in the UK bar none.

  4. June is a great month to walk the SWCP. I spent five great weeks walking it in it's entirety and enjoyed every minute.
    Having been born on the IOW I was bought up on coastal walks.

  5. Lovely photos, Alan, and a Happy New Year to you.
    I like the ankle deep in sand in particular.
    I agree that the SWCP in June really is excellent, but you do need to be able to cope with steep gradients, real beer and cream teas, as well as frequent stops to admire the flowers!

  6. ohhh Cornwall, brings back many happy memories. Love it in the winter - far fewer groccles!

    Great photos!

  7. Ohh I love walking the coast. Hey great pics of the waves in St Ives


  8. Thank you everyone - 'Art', eh, Ron? And that from a true artist! Praise indeed!

    Fatdog: Ken - Give me Tolmount & Dreish etc anyday over the tortuous nonsense of a Cornish Coast path! These paths have been built by sadists - an 8 inch muddy little trench rollercoasting up and down a headland for no-apparent reason - going entirely against the grain of the land! And what's to your left all the time? The sea. Great. Pah!

    Grumps: Mybe the little flowers would make it prettier. But I could pick them on the first day & stick 'em in a vase so I didn't have to go out the next day...

    Trev: Ah - a coastal man born & bred... 'spose it must be in your genes then...

    Martin: "you do need to be able to cope with steep gradients, real beer and cream teas" Steep gradients - there's the thing - I am a Fen dweller y'see... The real beer and cream teas - No problem!

    Rosie & Ratdog: Being a grockle myself on this particular holiday...St Ives was nice - I found a good pub that didn't seem to have too many of us in there...


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