Saturday, 27 February 2010

Ancient and Modern


Ancient Cambridge


Modern Cambridge


Grand Arcade


  1. where are the people? Has Cambridge been hit by the Zombie Apocalypse?

  2. I very much like that first photo! Don't really know why

  3. Some unmistakable and interesting Freudian imagery here... unless it's a wind-up?

  4. Darren: If only Cambridge could be hit by the Zombie Apocalypse! Well, in the summer months, when all the tourists hit town...

    Keith: Thanks you. It's the view most Cambridge 'townies' get of the colleges - a brief glimpse of inner sanctums gained via ancient portals, as they wend their way out and about shopping in the town...

    Des: "Some unmistakable and interesting Freudian imagery..." Is that for the first picture? You make me smile!

  5. I also like the first photo, very nice.


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