Tuesday, 23 February 2010

TGO Challenge Stickiness

Challenges Completed

(You can click on the graph to make it bigger)

There was a question over on the TGO Challenge Message Board about the drop off rate of first timers on the TGO Challenge. I had often wondered about that myself - so I set to, to find out.

The above graph shows the entrants to this year's Challenge that were accepted at the first pass in November. It shows those attempting their first Challenge (108) and right over at the right hand end of the graph, Bill Robertson, amazingly, attempting his 29th crossing!

Make of it what you will!


  1. Well I for one am never going to make 29 crossings! I've started too late!
    Would be interesting to know what the average age of a first timer is?

    (abjou - a kind of sneeze?)

  2. That can be worked out from your starting details last year Laura - just add them all up and then divide by... but you know all that don't you, you minx!

    You are just trying to get me to do more brain achy stuff!



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