Thursday, 4 February 2010

BT: A Sense of Humour

Last Sunday, our usual triumvirate of mis-shapen walkers (well, in truth, only two are mis-shapen) had a stroll around the deeper parts of Suffolkshire, at times clambering well above the snow line and bagging at least two Suffolk Tops. Just after leaving the wonderful pub at Cowlinge Lord Elpus happened to bump into the following startling red obelisk:


(It had been vertical prior to him colliding with it in his beerhappygrinningattheworld state)

Inside there was a note:

BT Humour

So, when you clamber inside, having broken your aging pelvis on the red obelisk after colliding with it after leaving the hostelry and find that they have removed the phone apparatus from within due to lack of use, you are given a phone number to call to find the nearest alternate payphone.

Thoughtful bastards, BT.


  1. Don't get me started on BT. They are still right at the very top of my revenge list.

  2. Ahahahahahaha!

    Morons :(

    (Word = aemitudd. Are the words all foreign, now?)

  3. Sorry, what's the problem here?

    just ring up, like it says, and report the problem to the friendly, highly trained call-centre staff in Bangalore.

    Honestly - whingers....dhuhh...

    (Ex NHS apparatchick...)

  4. GIves a whole new meaning to the phrase "eliminating you from our (directory) enquiries"...

  5. De-commissioned boxes can be adopted by their community. Seriously! There's one near me that we're thinking of turning into a (very) small art gallery.

    No kidding.

    Word = gawed (I think I spy the hand of Lord Elpus in this one)

  6. Red kiosks are redundant. But look on the bright side - these are the days of blue teeth, now you can telephone your microwave.

  7. There's very few of them - the ones that survive - that seem to be truly vertical these days. Not that I carry a spirit level around.

    Maybe they never were; or maybe they still are and it's me that's listing heavily. Thinking about it, that's the most likely explanation.

  8. BBF: I thought you might comment...:)

    PW: All words on our blogs should be in furrin from now on. What sort of furrin shall we choose? I quite like Franglais.

    Michelle: All fellas in the Bangalore call-centres are called 'James' or 'Robert'. It's the law.

    Anon: Heavy, man...

    Humph: OMGawed... Is the artwork in splashproof materials then?

    Des: Don't all our devices have blueteeth these days? My dishwasher can sing Auld Lang Syne if you programme it to from the telly control. And tell you what altitude you are flying at and in what time-zone. Or was that Phil's watch?

    Hawthorns: Surely your Swiss Army Penknife has a spirit level? A beer glass can fulfil the same job, ackshully (as long as it has beer in it near the top of the glass - so you would have to be quick)

  9. (logazzin - ?)

    I digress - if I could post a photo here it would show an interesting sculpture of BT red boxes - but ... that's life...

  10. And it's not always BT - theis is the phone box by the bridge on the road to Edzell.

    I wonder if the driver was able to call the AA?

  11. Think you'll find that a glass full of whisky is a better spirit level.


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