Wednesday, 3 February 2010

PreWalkDaunder 2010

Evening, Langdale Pikes

Each year Lord Elpus and I send out invitations to a few hardy souls that we feel might benefit from a bit of an airing. The list of invitees is never the same but all have one thing in common; they have all completed the TGO Challenge at some point in their lives.

The 'PreWalkDaunder' has been running now for fourteen years. It is known as such as it is 'pre' the TGO Challenge 'Walk' and it's not designed to be a demanding testosterone fuelled hike but more a gentle bimble, a 'Daunder,' in fact. It usually takes place two to three weeks prior to the 'off' for the Challenge. It reminds all the soft and flabby body parts, in a gentle fashion, that there is work to be done.

It exercises the grey matter as well: Participants need to plan their own menu, find their own way to the gathering point and pack their rucksacks - all on their own! A fine preparation for the Challenge.

And (I know, Marian, I know...) there is usually a route strung together by the organiser that involves at least one public house. Two is better. Three is positively delirious. That way we are all fully prepared for all the rigours of the Real Event. It's two and a half days of daundering amongst fine mountain landscapes with a band of like-minded souls.

Well - the invitations have all been sent out and as is the norm with these things, most have promptly ignored it and not replied.

This is absolutely normal and is never a surprise. When was the last time you tried to organise a bunch of wild things with minds of their own (or no minds at all in some of their cases). Its like trying to count a pillow case of feathers in a wind tunnel, it is.

But they have until Valentines Day to get back to me. I shall remind them a few days beforehand, bless their cotton socks.


  1. Eh? Did I miss something? An invitation? Pubs?

    Yes please!

  2. Its a bugger when people don't shouting into a bucket.

    boidect = the outcome of a fight in New York

  3. Lord Elpus Lord Elpus!

    Pieman: Ya Gotme! An email will shortly be winging it's way to you (tomorrow morning... *blush*)

  4. Sounds wonderful Alan! Be worth doing the TGO just to go on the Daunder.

  5. Alistair: You might have something there - Having done this TGO thing a few times now (fifteen crossings, in fact but one of them was 'unofficial,' perhaps... but NO!

    What am I thinking! You get hooked you see - and start planning mini-Chally events...

    It's okay though - I can handle it. I could just stop if I wanted to. Any time, see? I could just not apply one year. It would be that easy.

  6. You did get my reply, didn't you Alan???

    Cos I've not had a reply back ...

    word: crousti

  7. David: Doh! You now have an email old friend!
    "Crousti" eh? What are you saying - and a vicar and all...

  8. Harrumph! No invitation here!

    Okay, so I know that we've another little walk on in the 'pre-challenge' time frame, and I know that you can't possibly invite everyone, but I'm going to sulk anyway.

    (see, that's a full on pokey-out-bottom-lip that I've got going on.)


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