Tuesday, 2 February 2010


For someone who likes a bit of order and safety, stepping out of my comfort zone is a wild and dangerous thing.

But.... I am often told that change is good. So with a deep breath and a bit of fiddling with scary computer code stuff (is that what it is called? - the techies will be able to tell you) I have managed to change how the blog looks.

I am afraid the content is exactly the same old drivel though. So - Live with it. Get Over It. Okay?

We'll see how it goes for a while. I know you don't like change either... We are in this together.


  1. I like this a lot. Very stylish, sophisticated even. Classy. Yes, I like it!

  2. Well done Alan. It looks good, but I'm not sure about all the blackness.
    I haven't been brave enough to try this exercise. Yet.

  3. "Classy" - Woo-ooh! Never in my life have I ever had anything I had done described as 'classy!"

    Martin: "Black! Like the crows that peck out my eyes..." I have just changed it to ever so slightly less than black. I sort of agree with you. Thank you, good Sir.

  4. First impression - WHAT??

    Second look (when I realised my laptop hadn't been hijacked) : pleasantly subdued and dreamy.

    The photographs look better with the new background.

    Nice. Very nice.


  5. Don't mind the detractors, grey is distinguished looking.

  6. Brave! Very brave. Mucking about in uncharted territory can be a bit frightening. Especially if you don't know the code. Its easy to lose your way and end up in complete bits.
    Not sure about the green areas though but keep walking through it.

  7. JJ: When I fired up the laptop this morning it was a shock to me too. So it's a bit like three pints in the pub then - pleasantly subdued and dreamy. I'll go with that.

    Des: "grey is distinguished looking." That suits me, as all that is left is grey now...

    Alan: I wasn't sure about the green either - so I may fiddle a bit more with it tonight. It needs to be everso slightly brighter?

  8. The dark grey is very bold but smart with orange as a contrast to highlight your whimsical side. Yep, we like.

  9. Thumbs up from here! I, like John, thought I'd went to the wrong page for a second!

    Have been thinking the black of U.W was a bit harsh on the eyes, so it might be brought down a notch as well.

  10. Very Scarpa Nepal. Tho' not so heavy, man . . .

    Word= uppiggi

  11. Phew - That's finished fiddling with how the blog looks for a while. It's a bit like the last time we had the decorators in - after they had finished the sitting and dining rooms we decided we didn't like it and had it all done again... Doh!

    Anyways... I have made the text slightly larger (I struggle with these damn glasses at times) and have dumped the green links in favour of a burnt orange. I have also fiddled with a few of the side bar thingies as well, "but that's not important right now."

    Louise: "whimsical", eh? Blimey!

    Keith: I think your "redecs" had probably prompted all this. It's all your fault.

    Humph: I still have my beloved Scarpa Nepals (in fact two pairs, as I cannot bring myself to throw away my LEJOG pair...) And - you are a very, very Naughty Boy!

  12. Nice one, Alan. Dark themes rule :-)

  13. Grey ...

    ... the only choice.

  14. Yes - I like the orange on the not-quite-black. But if I'm being honest I don't like the orange on the blue header - it's difficult to read - SORRY!

    (the word is 'nonescen' - which nicely sums it up..............)

  15. Okay - I'm with Laura on this one - so I have darkened up the Blogger Header and Description a bit... Starting to look lie a camel now....

    But, enough already!

    That's it for a while until it settles down...

    John Major was quite a dashing chap!

  16. Alan dear boy! Have you no understanding or knowledge of the needs of the elerly. Red on grey on you header is almost impossible for us oldies to read! Never mind I've read it that many times that it is of no importance, but just remember another time that you can get advice at no cost to you!

  17. I like it better now, Alan.
    Team effort, really? Will try not to copy it!

  18. Oh Yes!
    That'll do it for me.....

    ('puzzi' is a good word )

  19. Hi Al

    V smart, although at the moment the text in the header box extends into the grey.

    Otherwise it looks tres snappy. And thinking of snaps, as John says, the photies show up well too!

    Well done, Sir!

  20. Okay - I have de-saturated (is that a word? perhaps that should be 'drained') the colour and trimmed the Blog's Header Picture so the text can be seen more clearly - less blue and less dark bits so it is easier to read. Though, who ever reads that bit I am not sure...

    So that really is 'it' (for now, at least...)

  21. *shocked*

    I heard that, Humphrey...

    p.s. nice colour scheme.

  22. PW,Wench,Grrl: *shocked* in anice way, I hope?

    You could sort out Humph's tackle when you next see him. Spaying's too good!

  23. I will consider spaying. That's for sure. (Or would it be neutering, in the case of a wee male monster?)


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