Sunday, 7 February 2010

Film4 Morons

I have just sat up to watch one of cinema's most amazing films - The Godfather Part 2.

But Film4 comprehensively cocked it up by playing one sequence twice and missing out an entire sequence. But only after I had sat through three hours of the film.

Some bastard should be sacked for this! I can't imagine Vito Corleone standing for it.


  1. Ditto. My wife and I were enjoying the film until that cock-up! They showed some parts twice and missed out a vital chunk. I hope somebody was fired! On second thoughts it was only a movie...

  2. I was outraged of Bristol!! Rod seemed to think I had pressed something on the remote control to make this happen :)


    PS. Loving the new look :)

  3. Blue Ray Alan. Have it to keep and no adverts. It is 2010 my dear man. We don't need Channel 4 or even worse the BBC to bring us such great films. Control our own entertainment is the way.

  4. Even with numerous chunks missing it would still be better than watching "Waiting for Eric". Oh my god What an awful waste of a blank dvd.


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