Monday, 8 February 2010

TGO Challenge 2010 Cairngorms FWA and God and stuff.

GOC 2010 Cairngorm FWA

(You can click on the map to make it larger)

The organisers of the TGO Challenge like you to put in FWA's (Foul Weather Alternatives) for crappy weather so that you have a plan already sorted out to keep you safe in nasty weather.

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that Phil & I think it's wiser to plan the route for horrid weather and then, if it is particularly nice & sunny, we don't have any horrid head-aches, the grass doesn't look overly long and we are at least three quarters of the way through our mammoth food bags, we'll have a bash at some Munro or other Fine Weather Alternative.

However, just occasionally and I do mean occasionally, we actually plan our route with a Big Day in mind. That's why you will see the map above with the little radioactive symbols clambering up Carn Ban Mor, skipping lightly over Moine Mhor and putting up the tents at Loch nan Stuirteag. It's going to have to be particularly horrid to keep us off this route this year as it is On Our Route Plan. So, I need you all to put your hands together (eyes closed) and pray to God for lovely weather please. If His Holiness, the Incredibly Irreverend Dave can do it, it would be appreciated as he might have the inside track to Big G. Nothing like a bit of insider dealing.

However, the following morning, if it's horrid again, (well thanks Dave - that didn't work, did it!) then we'll drop down into Glen Geusachen. But you will note that there are little green question marks that says if it is Fine - then we shall be nipping over Beinn Bhrotain before dancing down to The River Dee and a big party at Braemar.



  1. The Question Mark Route looks a particularly fine one. Why have I never thought about that? Variety in the Cairngorms is what we all crave :-)

    See you in Braemar

  2. Andy: Actually, the 'Question Mark Route' was thought of by Bert Hendrickse, our Dutch Vetter (We were offered an English or Scottish vetter but we politely declined, as the Dutch ones have far more 'hill-cred' apart from Messrs Shiel & Donohoe of course). All that remains is for us to drag our sorry carcases along his route to show that two knackered old Brits still have it 'in them'.

    Next year we are hoping for a black lesbian Vetter. The Lesbians seem to have more fun. Or so I have been told. I think it was Mr Grumpy who told me that. But it might have been Stan or Bill. Or Croydon. Ah - Probably Croydon, then.

    Oh dear. I shall probably get in trouble now.

  3. That ? route is a fine line. I know as I did it last year. Did not see a thing on the tops that day but still a fine line. I like the nuke line as well. Don't do the little green bubble line. So many people will be on that.

  4. Martin: "Don't do the little green bubble line." - Ooh! So masterful! I'll do my best not to, Sir! Not Unless "Wicked Uncle Bertie" tells me to. He's so masterful too. Lord Elpus hangs in his every word...

  5. Have you checked the snow conditions (see link) up there and considered how much after a best for twenty years or something like that - how much might be left in May ? Will it be a Ice axe needed route ?

  6. That's a smashing link Martin - thanks for that.

    By the time we get there, there will be tropical sunshine, all the snow will be gone and the rivers just gentle trickles...


  7. The only reason for this comment is the smashing word I've got here:


    It perfectly describes the feeling and purpose of rummaging in the bottom of the sleeping bag.

    "Simples" Yep, that's us!

  8. Hi Al!

    My BOSS (and the Captials Are Very Important Here) stilled the storm, made the deaf hear & the blind see, and even turned water into wine (now it would be good if I could do that wouldn't it!!!), but I can't promise that the weather will be what you and Phil want for your big hill day. Here's praying it's good though cos my route has me over the other side of the Laraig from you up Ben Macdui etc!

    Word: slizeded ... let's hope & pray we're not!

  9. Phil: "HADSOCK" - Didn't we walk through Hadsock the other weekend when you wouldn't let me visit the pub?

    His Holiness, the Incredibly Irreverend Dave: You will be up Macdui with another member of your flock - I had heard that Shirl is visiting some old grey man - hadn't realised it was you!

  10. Alan
    not sure if this helps but on my Munro trip, I did half of your 'nuclear route' and half of your '?' route and from Carn Ban Mor to Beinn Bhrotain it was an amazing high plateau walk (it was in great sunny weather though). Very recommended but v. exposed in bad wather though. For info...there is some great camping at Loch nan Cnapan at about 865m.
    Options (weather permitting) also to go up to Devil's Point and down the path to Corrour Bothy for a brew?

  11. Hi John
    Thank you for that - last time I was up there was 36 years ago after I had got my 'A' Level results!

    I like the idea of the Loch nan Cnapan camp as it's more a 'middle of sod-all' place which is right up my street.

  12. Oy! That's enought of the 'Old Grey Man' in my direction Alan, although one of the ministers I trained under referred to me as 'Old Grey Beard' (though I was younger than he!).

    PS loved your most recent post!

    His H.

  13. Hi,

    I'm really hoping you may be able to help me. I've started a blog of the walks that I've been on but I'm really struggling with the mapping to go with it. I've been using google maps but they can be pretty vague as you can only use the satellite view really once you get off the paths and I've seen that you've got an ordnance survey type layout on here. Big question: is there an ordnance survey mapping site that you can draw on per say and then link to on a blog? I would really appreciate any info you you could send my way. Google maps just aint cutting the mustard.


  14. Hi Rich

    Possibly best if you contact me by email on this one for all sorts of reasons.
    Contact me by email:
    alan dot sloman @ ntlworld dot com

    I will be pleased to help.


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