Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Foundations 2: Four Star Award

As well as bringing back Ugg Manor last weekend I have inherited my Dad's Bureau - a piece of furniture that was shrouded in wonder and mystery as the drop down worksurface was only unlocked and opened when people like the Liverpool Vic Man came round or Dad was writing a cheque for some school outing or other.

It was a grown up bit of furniture.

Within its two draws was all sorts of wonderful stuff - a newspaper that had George VI's death as its headline, an aerial photograph of what likes Monte Casino (Dad fixed Hurricanes that were in action in that particular battle) and then a few more personal treasures - the children's handmade Easter Cards and the occasional child's certificates.

I am sitting on the settee at the moment with a certificate to celebrate the fact that I 'accomplished a successful ascent and descent from the Parachute Regiment Training Tower' when I was the tender age of 13. I must admit to being particularly proud of this one as at the time I was absolutely terrified. I have certificates to show that I had attended three Patrol Leaders Training Courses at the age of 12 and 13.

But the biggie - yes the real biggie was the Amateur Athletic Association (Sponsored by Wall's Ice Cream) Four Star Award.

I was amazed I got this as until then I hadn't considered myself very 'sporty' at all. I had always been a bit lazy. However, I completed 880 yards in 2' 22" and a mile in 6' 00". The Long Jump was 14' 6". None of these results are startling in any way - in fact they aren't particularly good at all for a 13 year old boy.

But Jings! The effect that receiving this award had on me was electrifying.

A whole new world was opened up and before too long I was busting these results by miles and miles. I joined the school's athletics team and became a winner. Or more importantly, I became someone who wanted to win as, truth be told, I didn't win very often.

It was a turning point in my life.


  1. This sounds like the lost chapter from Adrian Mole.

  2. Alan - So true. Adrian & I seem to have led parallel lives... *sigh*

  3. Funny how these things if pride get tucked away. I found my O' level certificate and a letter from the Queen (I sent her a poem I'd written for her Silver Jubilee. And one about Dr Who...) hidden in the Christmas decorations box.

    I have no idea, don't ask.

    word: flingi


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