Wednesday, 17 February 2010

TGO Challenge: The Dog Days

Alan & Mick Shiel Bridge 2001
These are the dog days of TGO Challenge. The route is in and approved. The weather is still February; dull, raw on your skin and dark in the evenings. It is a time of waiting.
The belly is still there, grinning like a dull grey stone in a shiny hinge. The weekend walks have stalled for a number of reasons - family ill-heath, Valentine, and lethargy. The Winter Olympics side-track me into referred fitness - I certainly feel better watching all that exercise - it's all quite breathless stuff over in Vancouver.
My kitchen skills are coming on but my belly looks on reproachfully as it thinks everything must have been cooked in lard. The Challenge Message Board has been lively as there is now only twelve weeks to go.
Phil has been busy as tonight I have had an email planning our journey up to Lochailort - we fancy a less frenetic journey this year, so it looks like going by train to avoid all the unpleasantness of CrazyJet and RobbingAir and outrageous car-parking fees at Airports. A good man, is Phil. He has his eye on the ball.


  1. Word = gloozle

    Yow! How can this be? To be sure, looking at yr pic now, it is but the very essence of Gloozle.

    Be strong! Resist the young ones! All you need is the lightest of Binbles and and occasional Gloozle.

    The first twelve days of the Challenge will bed you in. The thirteenth will, as you well know, be magnificent.

    I was on the path by Dunottar yesterday. There has been an unfornutate landslip. I drank yr health. My sister was puzzled . . .

  2. Humph: I feel I should log in to this blog as a 'stranger' so that I have to go through the word identification process. I am missing out. And so I am too.

    I am out for a pre-gloozle tonight, in fact. Tomorrow I think I shall be properly gloozled. There will be an element of drinking to my health to it too. Perhaps we should drink to you and your sister? And to the Thirteenth Day.

  3. That's a wonderful photograph Alan, it says so much.


    Perhaps it could be described as an 'inscla' photograph.


  4. Excellent, thought provoking photograph Alan.

    How to, and how not to, dry your socks perhaps!


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